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Bade Baba Nityananda - Ganeshpuri, India757 views
The South Pole Telescope (SPT) in Antarctica529 viewsSee: www.earthfrenzyradio.blogspot.com/2006/05/south-pole-telescope-spt-americas-new.html

America is now spending huge sums to deploy the massive The South Pole Telescope (SPT) in Antarctica. The final installation will be the size of a mini-mall and will require a massive C-130 airlift effort to transport pre-assembled modules and a large staff to the most desolate, inhospitable and inaccessible region of the world. Why? Because Planet X / Nibiru was first sighted in 1983 and this discovery spurred the USA to build the SPT ? humanity's new Planet X tracker.

Amongst independent researchers like us at SKYWATCH , the 1983 IRAS observation of Planet X / Nibiru has always been a hot topic. On a private level, we often discuss how the NASA's IRAS spacecraft first captured infrared images of it back in 1983 with the same lament. Given the lack of corroboration, how can you publish a story that can easily be shot down as a rumor? That was then.

Now we have the corroboration we've lacked for years, The South Pole Telescope (SPT). Far more powerful capable and survivable than the 1983 IRAS spacecraft and Hubble Space Telescope put together, this manned observatory will soon begin tracking Planet X / Nibiru from the pristine skies of Antarctica.

Why is America spending a massive fortune to transport this massive facility with massive C-130 airlift to the most desolate, inhospitable and inaccessible region of the world to track this massive inbound? Because this is where astronomers will find their ultimate Kodak moment and this is good news. Their resulting multi-spectrum observations will translate into life-saving data.

Zecharia Sitchin834 viewsVertaler van de Sumerische kleitabletten en de Ontdekker van NIBIRU, de Twaalfde Planeet.
PO. Box 577, New York, NY 10185
website: www.sitchin.com


Dialogue in Bellaria


Report by Zecharia Sitchin

The death of Pope John Paul II has occasioned widespread discussions about his own stand and the Vatican's position regarding a variety of subjects, from purely theological to social issues. Completely lacking has been any reference to an issue of concern to many, and especially to those interested in the subjects of UFO's, Life on other planets, and Extraterrestrials in general, and in Zecharia Sitchin's writings in particular.

As it happened, it was exactly five years ago, in April 2000, that Zecharia engaged in a public discussion of those very issues with a leading theologian of the Vatican, Monsignor Corrado Balducci, during an international conference held in Bellaria (Bimini) in Italy. The historic dialogue was reported at the time on this official website of Zecharia Sitchin; hereunder is the full text of that report which speaks for itself.

In what must be a historic first, a high official of the Vatican and a Hebrew scholar discussed the issue of Extraterrestrials and the Creation of Man, and though different from each other in upbringing, background, religion and methodology, nevertheless arrived at common conclusions:

* Yes, Extraterrestrials can and do exist on other planets
* Yes, they can be more advanced than us
* Yes, materially, Man could have been fashioned from a pre-existing sentient being.

The Participants

The high Vatican official was Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a Catholic theologian with impressive credentials: A member of the Curia of the Roman Catholic Church, a Prelate of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and the Propagation of the Faith, leading exorcist of the Archdiocese of Rome, a member of the Vatican's Beatification Committee, an expert on Demonology and the author of several books. Appointed in the Vatican to deal with the issue of UFO's and Extraterrestrials, he has made in recent years pronouncements indicating a tolerance of the subjects; but he has never before met and had a dialogue with a Hebrew scholar, and gone beyond prescribed formulations to include the touchy issue of the Creation of Man.

The Hebrew scholar was me -- Zecharia Sitchin: A researcher of ancient civilizations, a biblical archaeologist, a descendant of Abraham?

The Monsignor and I almost met for such a dialogue last December, but it did not come about. This time we were scheduled to meet in Bellaria, Italy, at a conference whose theme was ?The Mystery of Human Existence.? I arrived there with my wife and a score of fans from the USA, on March 31st, scheduled to address the audience of over a thousand the next day. The Monsignor was nowhere in sight; but he was there the next morning to hear my presentation. ?I drove the whole night from Rome to hear you,? he said.

Sitchin?s Presentation

My talk, ably translated by my Italian editor Tuvia Fogel, included a slide presentation that added a pictorial dimension to the evidence from ancient times in support of Sumerian texts, on which my eight books based the following conclusions:

We are not alone -- not just in the vast universe, but in our own solar system; There is one more planet in our solar system, orbiting beyond Pluto but nearing Earth periodically; Advanced "Extraterrestrials? -- the Sumerians called them Anunnaki, the Bible Nefilim -- started to visit our planet some 450,000 years ago; And, some 300,000 years ago, they engaged in genetic engineering to upgrade Earth's hominids and fashion Homo sapiens, the Adam. In that, they acted as Emissaries for the Universal Creator -- God.

The Dialogue

"We have much to talk about,? Msgr. Balducci said to me as he came forward to congratulate me on my presentation; "I have great esteem for your scholarship," he said.

We returned to the hotel for lunch. Our table was surrounded in a semi-circle by my American fans, intent on not missing a word of the forthcoming dialogue. In the hours-long session, Msgr. Balducci outlined the positions he was going to state, from a prepared text, in his talk the next day. While my approach was based on physical evidence, his was a purely Roman Catholic theological-philosophical one, seeking the spiritual aspects. Yet, our conclusions converged.

Msgr. Balducci's Positions

ON UFO's. "There must be something in it." The hundreds and thousands of eyewitness reports leave no room for denying that there is a measure of truth in them, even allowing for optical illusions, atmospheric phenomena and so on. As a Catholic theologian such witnessing cannot be dismissed. "Witnessing is one way of transmitting truth, and in the case of the Christian religion, we are talking about a Divine Revelation in which witnessing is crucial to the credibility of our faith.?

ON LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS: ?That life may exist on other planets is certainly possible... The Bible does not rule out that possibility. On the basis of scripture and on the basis of our knowledge of God's omnipotence, His wisdom being limitless, we must affirm that life on other planets is possible." Moreover, this is not only possible, but also credible and even probable. '"Cardinal Nicolo Cusano (1401-1464) wrote that there is not a single star in the sky about which we can rule out the existence of life, even if different from ours.?

ON INTELLIGENT EXTRATERRESTRIALS: "When I talk about Extraterrestrials, we must think of beings who are like us -- more probably, beings more advanced than us, in that their nature is an association of a material part and a spiritual part, a body and a soul, although in different proportions than human beings on Earth." Angels are beings who are purely spiritual, devoid of bodies, while we are made up of spirit and matter but still at a low level. "It is entirely credible that in the enormous distance between Angels and humans, there could be found some middle stage, that is beings with a body like ours but more elevated spiritually. If such intelligent beings really exist on other planets, only science will be able to prove; but in spite of what some people think, we would be in a position to reconcile their existence with the Redemption that Christ has brought us.?

The Anunnaki and the Creation of Man

Well then, I asked Msgr. Balducci, does it mean that my presentation was no great revelation to you? We appear to agree, I said, that more advanced extraterrestrials can exist, and I use science to evidence their coming to Earth ...I then quote the Sumerian texts that say that the Anunnaki (?Those who from heaven to Earth came?) genetically improved an existing being on Earth to create the being that the Bible calls Adam.

My conclusion regarding your presentation, Msgr. Balducci answered, is that more than anything else your whole approach is based on physical evidence, it concerns itself with matter, not with spirit. This is an important distinction, "because if this distinction is made, I can bring up the view of the great theologian, Professor Father Marakoff, who is still alive and is greatly respected by the Church. He formulated the hypothesis that when God created Man and put the soul into him, perhaps what is meant is not that Man was created from mud or lime, but from something pre-existing, even from a sentient being capable of feeling and perception. So the idea of taking a pre-man or hominid and creating someone who is aware of himself is something that Christianity is coming around to?The key is the distinction between the material body and the soul granted by God."

From Anunnaki to God

Yes, I responded to the Vatican theologian, in my writings I deal with the physical evidence; but already in my first book (The 12th Planet), the very last sentence of the last paragraph raises the question: If the Extraterrestrials "created" us, who created them on their planet?

From this my own thinking and the contents of my subsequent books evolved toward the spiritual or "divine" aspects. The Anunnaki, I have explained, were just emissaries (and that is what the Hebrew word Malachim, translated Angels, means). They thought that it was their decision to come here for selfish reasons and to fashion us because they needed workers; but in truth they only carried out the Almighty God's wishes and plans.

If such Extraterrestrials were so involved, Msgr. Balducci said, even by your own interpretation they had to do with Man's physics, body and rationality: but God alone had to do with the Soul!

My second book, that deals with Man's aspiration to ascend the heavens, is titled The Stairway to Heaven, I told Msgr, Balducci, "it seems to me that we are ascending the same stairway to heaven, though from different steps," I said.

We ended the dialogue as friends, determined to stay in touch and continue.

Reproduction is permitted if accompanied by the statement

? Z. Sitchin 2000
Reproduced by permission.

Planetary Discoveries975 views--The New York Times in the journal of Science of 11 July 2003: Nicknamed 'Metuselah'-planet, the newly discovered planet is "almost three times as old as Earth", in the constellation of Scorpius, 5.600 lightyears away, with a mass of 2 or 3 times Jupiter.

--A Tiamat Discovered? A Second Home? A New Earth at 90 lightyears, announced by the British Astronomer Hugh Jones of the Liverpool John Moores University in 2003.
the Discovery of a Solar System similar to ours in the constellation of Puppis at 90 lightyears. "There in what is the CLOSEST resemblance to Earth's Solar System yet found! in outer space, a Jupiter-like planet with a mass of 2 or 3 times that of Jupiter circles a sun-like star HD 70642 in an orbit (of 6 years) that corresponds to one halfway between Mars and Jupiter in our own system. So the possibility of a second Earth in there remains. The Discovery was based on measurements by the Hubble Space Telescope!"

-The case of the 'Earthlike' Planet, the New York Times 25 januari 2006: 'Search Finds Far-Off Planet Akin to Earth'.
British Scientific Journal Nature issue of 26 January 2006 in which 73 astronomers of the US, UK and Australia disclosed the tracking since July 11, 2005- of an Earthlike Planet orbiting a distant Red Dwarf every 10 years [in the constellation of Sagittarius] at 21.000 lightyears, dubbed OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb, is smaller than Neptune, has a temperature of - 220 gr. Celsius, with a mass of 5.5 times that of Earth! This is the most and smallest 'Earthlike' planet yet found by Astronomers, in a cosmic eye blink it was the blip in the night that we have been waiting for, Jean-Philippe Beaulieu of Astrophysics in Paris said. We have glimpsed it , but don't know if we will ever glimpse it again?
28 January 2006, Maggie Mc Kee, Magazine Issue 2536.

Red dwarfs are about one fifht as massive as our sun and up to 50 times fainter, and they are much cooler. But they are among the most common stars in the Universe.
So UfodeWaarheid.com assumes that there are many 'Earthlike' Planets in our Milky Way, our Galaxy and Universe. Scientists report already since 2005 that about half of our yet discovered star systems might harbour 'Earthlike' planets in the 'Goldilock' or 'Earthlike' zones, not too hot and not too cold, to contain water.

The Lost Book of Enki676 viewsVan de officiele website van Zecharia Sitchin

PO. Box 577, New York, NY 10185

De kwestie van de $(B!F(BAarde-Gelijkende$(B!G(B Planeet.

Een spannende planetaire ontdekking, onlangs gerapporteerd, is vanuit wetenschappelijke publicaties naar de publieke media uitgelekt.
Radio en televisie stations deelden in hun voornaamste nieuws mede dat er $(B!H(Beenzelfde Planeet als de Aarde ontdekt is.$(B!I(B De New York Times presenteerde het Nieuws wat preciezer: ZOEKTOCHT ONTDEKT VERWEGGELEGEN PLANEET VERWANT AAN DE AARDE.

De verwondering was afkomstig van een rapport uit het Britse wetenschappelijke journaal genaamd $(B!F(BNATURE$(B!G(B (het geval van 26 januari 2006) waarin 73 astronomen in 3 teams werkende onthullen dat zij sinds 11 juli 2005 de baan volgen van een op $(B!H(Bonze Aarde-Gelijkende$(B!I(B planeet die om een verafgelegen ster draait. Stilzwijgend aangenomen of een hint is dat het daarom wel eens Leven kan bevatten.

Al eeuwen lang wordt er door astronomen aangenomen dat ons zonnestelsel onder buitengewone omstandigheden is ontstaan waarbij de Aarde $(B!F(Bop het randje$(B!G(B terecht is gekomen in een $(B!H(BBewoonbare Zone$(B!I(B.
Het is nauwelijks een decennium geleden dat astronomen-aanvankelijk met ongeloof-begonnen te zoeken naar exo-planeten die een baan rond andere sterren maken; hoewel men tegenwoordig zelfs 170 van zulke planeten gevonden heeft, schijnen ze allen te groot te zijn en te dicht bij hun zonnen te staan om leven te kunnen bevatten (zoals algemeen beweerd wordt).

Hoewel het originele wetenschappelijke artikel en het daaropvolgende nieuws dit verklaren, zijn de laatste bevindingen anders: Daar is een planeet met een massa drie keer zo groot als de Aarde en die maar drie keer verder weg van haar zon staat als de Aarde t.o.v. onze zon; de ontdekte planeet-die een baan om een ster aflegt in onze eigen melkweg!-is dus op onze $(B!H(BAarde-Gelijkende$(B!I(B in vele opzichten.


Het Nieuws, bracht mij in een filosofische gemoedstoestand vol verwondering, dat kan ik mijn lezers vertellen.

Het is 30 jaren geleden (ja, dertig jaar!) sinds mijn eerste boek, $(B!F(BDe Twaalfde Planeet$(B!G(B, werd gepubliceerd. Daarin bracht ik het 6000 jaren oude scheppingsepos van de Sumeriers tot leven.

Zoals ik zei schreven zij dat $(B!F(Bspoedig nadat ons zonnestelsel zich begon te vormen, er een planeet uit een ander zonnestelsel dat het onze passeerde uitgeworpen werd, naar binnen werd gezogen en op een planeet botste die Tiamat heette, het opbrak en het in de Aarde en de asteroiden-gordel verdeelde, en zelf gevangen werd in een grote baan om onze zon om de Planeet Nibiru te worden. Hij leek zoveel op onze Aarde dat $(B!F(Bhet Levens-Zaad$(B!G(B dat daar begonnen was, overgedragen werd naar de Aarde tijdens de botsing.$(B!G(B

Destijds verafschuwde de gevestigde zienswijze het gedachtegoed van catastrofale hemelse gebeurtenissen (nu aanvaard).
De notie van planeten elders in de kosmos werd als onzin beschouwd (nu staan er 171 van zulke planeten genoteerd). Alles wat ik heb gezegd dat de Sumeriers al wisten is bewezen op waarheid.
En weet u wat? De massa van de pasontdekte planeet is gelijk aan de schatting voor Nibiru en zijn afstand tot haar zon is zowat dezelfde als Tiamat was$(B!D(B

Het blijft je verwonderen.

Zecharia Sitchin

Translated with Permission, Copyright Z. Sitchin
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