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Anunnakie Landing Place for Spaceships at Baalbek, now Libanon.859 viewsThe only structure and place built before the Flood, the great Deluge; 10860 BC

The quarry is in a valley, a couple of miles from the site of the ?ruins.? This means that in antiquity, someone had the capability and technology needed for quarrying, cutting and shaping colossal stone blocks in the quarry ? then lifting the stone blocks up and carrying them to the construction site, and there not just let go and drop the stone block, but place them precisely in the designated course. And there they have remained, intact and unshaken in spite of the passage of time and frequent earthquakes ? held together and in place without any mortar?

Built Before the Flood
Who was that ?someone?? What technology was used for the incredible feat? When and Why was it all done?

The Maronite Christians who for generations deemed themselves custodians of the site (before they were displaced by the Shiite Moslems) told legends of the ?giants? who had built the colossal platform. I found the answers in the ancient Sumerian texts, and related them in The Stairway to Heaven and The Wars of Gods and Men.

The great stone platform was indeed the first Landing Place of the Anunnaki gods on Earth, built by them before they established a proper spaceport. It was the only structure that had survived the Flood, and was used by Enki and Enlil as the post-Diluvial headquarters for the reconstruction of the devastated Earth.

It is the only structure on Earth from before the Flood.


? Z. Sltchin 2006

? Z. Sitchin
Reprinted with permission.

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