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Marc van Druten - March 17, 2008 - Utrecht, the Netherlands575 viewsHumor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfjphZ2cNoA
Marc van Druten - Utrecht, the Netherlands - 2005577 viewsChemtrails Baarn - the Netherlands, June 2nd, 2009: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5BQHe2ak4o

The International Space Station (ISS) March 17th, 2009 - Baarn, The Netherlands: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVC3ERtZxSk

CHEMTRAILS! BAARN - SOEST - AMERSFOORT, NEDERLAND - 22 APRIL 2009: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCjtu-wC1og

Independent UFO Researcher, Marc van Druten * http://Ufoquest4Truth.com - September 10, 2008687 viewsGoldenLightSutra.com
Marc van Druten - June 2009 - AUM SHANTI734 viewsAn essay [in english] on the Four Heavenly Guardian Kings; Who were the Four Great Kings from the Suvarnabhasa, the Sutra Of Golden Light? http://goldenlightsutra.com/?page_id=32
Sacred Rock at Temple Mount Moriah, Jerusalem Mission Control Centre - Where the Holy of Holies once was417 viewsWe concluded it could only be the handiwork of the Anunnaki. And this could well be the case, if I was right in suggesting that Jerusalem, serving as Mission Control Center, was linked to Baalbek ("The Landing Place") as part of the post-Diluvial Landing Corridor. There's one more thing, I said when we finally called it a day, and my group got up to leave. It may or may not be an important clue: The caliph who built the Dome of the Rock brought its gilded dome from Baalbek, where it used to top the mosque....from Enigmas of the Temple Walls pag. 218, The Earth Chronicles Expeditions, by Zecharia Sitchin, Author of The 12th Planet.
Copyright Z. Sitchin - reprinted with permission.
Sacred Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque on Solomon Temple Mount, Jerusalem Mission Control Centre - Where the Holy of Holies once was389 viewsphoto Marc in 1991 - Israel

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009! Marc van Druten578 views
photo Marc van Druten - July 2009758 viewsIN THE END OF DAYS - THE EXCELLENT DRUM OF GOLDEN LIGHT WILL SHINE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7g_2M_J2d0c

Marc van Druten (translator of the Sutra of Golden Light; the Suvarnabhasa into Dutch, creator of http://www.ufoquest4truth.com) explains why GOLD (combined with HAARP & CHEMTRAILS) is so important, NOT for selfish population reduction programs, Weather-Manipulation or ecomic and $money reasons, but for healing properties, to HEAL our upper-atmosphere on Earth as the Anunnakies did 450.000 years ago on THEIR HOME PLANET NIBIRU, to stop Climate Change or Global Warming. WILL TECHNOLOGIES OF THE GODS COME TO THE RESCUE? A new term, Geo-engineering, has come to the fore at various international meetings dealing with Global warming (now more correctly addressed as Climate Change). The term was officially embraced by the new U.S. presidential science advisor, John Holdern. Speaking at a recent international conference in Bonn, Germany, he revealed that Geo-engineering is among the extreme options under discussion by the U.S. government: Using space-age technology yet to be devised, he said, particles will be shot into the Earths upper atmosphere to create a shield that will reflect away from Earth the Suns warming rays. While such extraordinary measures would be only a last resort, we dont have the luxury of taking any approach off the table, Dr. Holdren said. Such new space-age ideas duplicate technologies that have already been used 450,000 years ago!

Back to the Anunnaki The audacious idea of protecting a planet thermally by creating a shield of particles in its upper atmosphere is not as revolutionary as it seems. It was, I wrote in my 1976 book The Twelfth Planet, exactly the reason why the Anunnaki Those who from Heaven to Earth came had come here some 450,000 year ago from their planet Nibiru. On Nibiru -- Planet X of our Solar System the problem was the opposite one: Loss of internally generatedheat due to a dwindling atmosphere, brought about by natural causes and nuclear wars. Nibirus scientists, I wrote, concluded that the only way to save life on their planet was to create a shield of gold particles in their upper atmosphere. It was in search of the needed gold that the gods of the ancient peoples had come to Earth. Basing my conclusions on Sumerian and other texts from the ancient Near East, I wrote that the Anunnaki began to arrive on Earth some 445,000 years ago, establishing settlements in the E.Din (later Mesopotamia) and mining gold in southeast Africa. As I have written in subsequent books, modern science is only catching up with ancient knowledge. The idea of geo-engineering is borrowed from technologies of the Anunnaki.


Reprinted with permission
? Z. Sitchin

See: http://www.goldenlightsutra.com, http://ufoquest4truth.com & the books of Zecharia Sitchin on http://www.sitchin.com
Categorie: Wetenschap en technologie
Gold Anunnakies HAARP & Chemtrails Climate Change

Foto - Marc.jpg
5 oktober 2007: Marc Sylvester van Druten 607 viewsSend us your pictures and/or Ufo-account: [email protected]

Marc onderzoekt en vertaald oude mystieke teksten, zoals www.goldenlightsutra.com, helpt diverse dieren- en mensen beschermings instanties en is een onafhankelijk UFO-onderzoeker.

Marc Sylvester van Druten, Groote Keeten, Noord Holland, 26-07-2002492 views
Groote Keeten, Noord Holland, 26-07-2002566 viewsvoor meer info zie: www.dcca.nl/2002/grootekeeten/gk1-nl.htm
Rapport van Robert Boerman
Op zondag 21 juli kregen wij een melding van een graancirkel in tarwe nabij Groote Keeten. De eigenaar van het veld gaf de melding door aan de Stichting PTAH en was zelf ook wel geinteresseerd in het graancirkelfenomeen.

Ook vonden we heel veel graanstengels waarvan de aren niet volgroeit waren. Deze aren rustten op de bovenste groeiknoop (= verdikking in de stengel) terwijl bij een normaal ontwikkelde stengel de aar zich ongeveer 25 a 30 centimeter bonden de bovenste groeiknoop bevind. Deze afwijking is voor het eerst waargenomen in een graancirkel in Whitefish, Montana, USA in 1999. In 2000 zijn door de Amerikaanse journalist Linda Moulton Howe ook dergelijke afwijkingen gevonden in een formatie in Avebury, Whiltshire, Engeland. Buiten deze afwijkingen zijn er ook een aantal 'blown nodes' (= geexplodeerde groeiknopen) gevonden.UPDATE 02-08-2002:

Van Paul Anderson ontvingen we het bericht dat dergelijke afwijkingen zoals we die in Groote Keeten hebben gevonden, ook al eens in Canada gevonden waren. Dat was in Moosomin, Saskatchewan 2000.
Marc van Druten - Groote Keeten, Noord Holland, 26-07-2002551 views
Groote Keeten, Noord Holland, 26-07-2002531 views
Marc van Druten, Groote Keeten, Noord Holland, 26-07-2002437 views
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