Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen
Marilyn Monroe and the UFO Conspiracy - Caldbeck England 1954, Project BlueBook and Moon Dust: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-U5-6bB-1s

This eventual released the Marilyn Monroe CIA Memo through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which was authenticated by the CIA themselves. Within this documents President Kennedy have mentioned a visit to a secret air force base to view ?things from outer space? (UFO information)...allegedly on a document dated 03 August 1962 Marilyn Monroe has came across information and evidence of Roswell UFO Crash and aliens from President Kennedy.

Along with the top US Journalist and TV celebrity Dorothy Kilgallen (also a very close friend of Monroe) who had uncovered crucial evidence of a UFO crash and were about to disclose UFO revelation in a would be joint conference on 14 September 1962.

Information received of the 1954 UFO crash in England at Caldbeck Cumberland was leaked (through her exclusive reporting of the Hydrogen bomb test in Bikini Atoll by a top British diplomat and aristocrat (suspected to be Lord MountBatten along some British official rank)). As she forwarded this in a national press release. She was put under CIA scruitiny and surveillance, and had been put under stress of mental breakdown (evidence of toxic fluoride and LSD traces was in her water supply) which had her stopped on the UFO pursuit. But by 1961 resumed (she had concrete evidence taken from her 1955 investigation).

But by late August 1962 Marilyn Monroe was dead (cancelling the, would be public conference). Dorothy Kilgallen would be found dead in her apartment in Nov 1965 by nearly same circumstances as Marilyn Monroe (silencing the revelation).

Info: On the 4th MARCH 1954, A UFO crash at a crystal minefield at Caldbeck Cumberland England. A gamekeeper and his grandson had witnessed the crash and were detained by the military for two weeks until the wreckage and event was covered up. There was also a poacher who came in contact with the spaceship and two alien with the face of the devil and reported it the local vicar at St Kentigerns. UFO activity was monitored after this day under Operation Mariner on the Irish coast and a near miss was report by a pilot on the Magna Flux Exercise. But until this day hardly anything could be found about this, since the new FOIA by MOD release of new information has still to be seen.

Sources: Raiders News Network, youtube and Wikipedia

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