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1964, India - Billy Eduard Meijer309 views
JP Morgan309 views?Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.?
Nikola Tesla quotes (Serbian Inventor and Engineer, 1856-1943)
He did dream and his dreams came true, he did have visions but they were of a real future, not an imaginary one.
JSF - Antigravity Air Vehicles309 views
RFZ5309 viewsSee the sign ; - +
Roswell 1947 Daily Record309 views
Viktor Schauberger309 viewswww.frank.germano.com/viktorschauberger.htm

Viktor Schauberger: The true Father Of Implosion Technology

Viktor Schauberger could be called the true father of implosion technology. The implosion principle is, of course, diametrically opposite to what today's explosion oriented technology utilizes. Implosion has to do with a self sustaining vortex flow of any liquid or gaseous medium, which has a concentrating, ordering effect and which decreases the temperature of the medium, in opposition to the dictates of "modern" thermodynamics.

Viktor Schauberger constructed water sluices, which, with controlled water temperature and vortex flow, were able to transport logs of a higher specific weight than would normally allow their transport on water. He proposed a more effective means of utilizing hydroelectric power by his jet turbine (see my article Water Power). In the second world war he was forced to develop his concepts of vortex dynamics at the service of Hitler's military goons, and, is said to have produced working prototypes of levitating disks using these principles.

At the end of the war, the remains of his work fell partly into Russian, and American, military hands. After the war, Schauberger worked on a concept of water-based power generation, through vortex action, in a closed cycle engine. In 1958 he was brought to the USA, by promises of a possibility he would get his technology further developed and applied. Afterwards, he was thoroughly debriefed, his writings and prototypes were kept, and, he apparently had to sign a legal document and 'promise' not to promote his technology further - all so that he would simply be able to return home to Austria. Five days after his return to Austria - on 25 September 1958 - he died. A book that details some of the life story of Schauberger was written by Olof Alexandersson. The title is "Living Water", available below, through "Amazon.com."

Viktor Schauberger And His earlier Work -

Olof Alexandersson, a Swedish engineer and anthroposophist, wrote the first popular introduction to the radical ideas of Viktor Schauberger, entitled Living Water . It is now in its eighth printing and has inspired many to go on to Callum Coats' in-depth study of Schauberger's ideas, Living Energies, which was published in 1996. Callum had met Viktor's son, Walter Schauberger, in 1977 and was to spend three years studying with him at his "Pythogoras-Keppler System Institute" in Lauffen, in the Saltzkammergut near Salzburg. During that time, Callum was given access to all Viktor's writings.

Viktor Schauberger did not start to seriously write about his ideas and his discoveries until the age of 44, when he acquired a distinguished sponsor in Professor Philipp Forchheimer. As Coats describes later in this volume, Forchheimer, a world famous hydrologist, had been asked by the Austrian Government to report on Schauberger's controversial log flumes, which transported large amounts of timber from inaccessible locations without damage. He was so impressed with Schauberger's discoveries that he asked him to write a paper which was published in 1930 in Die Wasserwirtschaft , the Austrian Journal of Hydrology. This paper attracted the attention of the President of the Austrian Academy of Science, Professor Wilhelm Exner, and resulted in a commission to write a more detailed study of his theories for that same magazine under the title Temperature and the Movement of Water.

Schauberger's ideas completely flew in the face of conventional ideas of hydrology and water management and, as a result, gained him many enemies in scientific circles. The reason Viktor developed the strong feelings about orthodox scientific research that you will read in this and subsequent volumes was partly to defend himself from their attacks, and partly out of his despair at witnessing the ongoing destruction of the natural environment by their blind and uncaring technologies. It was this despair that motivated him to write his only book, Our Senseless Toil - the Cause of the World Crisis . It was published at a time of severe depression ,when many were worried about the future.

After Forchheimer died, Schauberger found another ally in Professor Werner Zimmermann who encouraged Viktor in 1935-1936 to write about the damage being wrought to the great rivers, the Rhine and the Danube, in a small 'new thought' magazine Tau . After Schauberger's death, two magazines published further collections of Schauberger's writings: Implosion was started by a student and collaborator of Viktor's, and published a number of his articles in the 1960s. Mensch und Technik in the 1970s published articles by and about Viktor Schauberger for the more free-thinking scientific community.

Callum Coats has skillfully woven together these articles, together with correspondence with other scientists, friends and officials of one kind or another, into a fascinating tapestry which gives a true and very readable account of Schauberger's impassioned campaign to alert the world to the dangers of the prevailing scientific dogma. Unfortunately, not much has changed, and Schauberger's vision of how humanity could work cooperatively with Nature is perhaps more relevant than ever.

Callum Coats arranged this massive amount of material into a large volume, called the Eco-Technology Series. In considering this for publication, they realized that it would be much more accessible in several volumes, arranged by theme. This first one, The Water Wizard, is devoted to Schauberger's ideas about water and rivers. The second, Nature as Teacher, concerns the wider implications of his ideas on water and energy. The third, The Fertile Earth, describes the way trees transform energy, and processes of fertilization of the soil . The final volume, The Energy Revolution , gathers together the discussion and description of Schauberger's appliances for purifying and energizing water and for producing vast amounts of virtually free energy. Together with Living Energies, the Eco-technology series give a complete account of the vision and genius of one of the founders of the present ecological movement, and are an inspiration for all those who wish to see our precious Earth saved from extinction by short-sightedness and greed, and the emergence of a new partnership with bountiful Nature. You can view and purchase all of these books through "Amazon.com", and will find the links to each book at the bottom of this page.

This entire section on Viktor Schauberger would not be possible without the tremendous amount of work put forward by Callum Coats, and to that we owe a debt of gratitude. Most of the following sections have been transposed from various websites and compiled for your viewing. Several sections were sent to me as email attachments and I have no way of knowing who the original author is. If there are any copyright infringements, please inform me and I will either post a "used with permission" addendum or remove the script in question, entirely.

X-47B Northrop Grumman309 views
Starchild Skull - photo Lloyd Pye308 viewsSee: www.paranormal.about.com/od/humanenigmas/ig/Gallery-of-Human-Mysteries/Starchild-Skull.htm

Alien Skull discovered: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Dp6ocbpD54&feature=related

Lloyd Pye, author of Everything You Know Is Wrong, has taken it upon himself to discover the identity of an unusual skull he has dubbed "The Starchild Skull." The skull, which was found in a mine shaft near Chihuahua, Mexico around 1930, is unusually wide at the back and exhibits larger than normal eye sockets. Although he says the origin of the skull is uncertain, Pye speculates on whether or not it could be of alien origin - or at least belonging to a human-alien hybrid. While some contend that the skull was merely that of a deformed human child, Pye wanted definitive proof and so, in late 1999, subjected the skull to DNA testing. The results of the test indicated that the skull was from a human being, but Pye points out that the lab could not extract sufficient strands of DNA to make a definitive conclusion, and therefore the question still remains open.
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Beijing Weather Modification Office308 viewswww.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beijing_Weather_Modification_Office

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Beijing Weather Modification Office
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Beijing Weather Modification Office
Traditional Chinese: 北京市人工影響天氣辦公室
Simplified Chinese: 北京市人工影响天气办公室
- Hanyu Pinyin: Běijīngsh? R?ngōng Y?ngxiăng Tiānq? B?ngōngsh?

The Beijing Weather Modification Office is a unit of the Beijing Meteorological Bureau tasked with weather control in Beijing and its surrounding areas, including parts of Hebei and Inner Mongolia.[1][2][3] The Beijing Weather Modification Office form a part of China's nationwide weather control effort, believed to be the world's largest; it employs 37,000 peasants nationwide, who seed clouds by firing rockets and shells loaded with silver iodide into them.[4] According to Zhang Qiang, head of the Office, cloud seeding increased precipitation in Beijing by about one-eighth in 2004; nationwide, similar efforts are believed to have added 7.4 trillion cubic feet of rain between 1995 and 2003.[5]

The work of the Office is largely aimed at hailstorm prevention or making rain to end droughts; they have also induced precipitation for purposes of firefighting or counteracting the effect of severe dust storms, as they did in the aftermath of one storm in April 2006 which dropped 300,000 tonnes of dust and sand on the city and was believed to have been the largest in five years.[2][6] Their technology was also used to create snow on New Year's Day in 1997.[7] Other proposed future uses for induced precipitation include lowering temperatures in summer, in hopes of reducing electricity consumption.[5] More prominently, they have also been enlisted by the Chinese government to attempt to ensure that the 2008 Summer Olympics are free of rain, by breaking up clouds headed towards the capital and forcing them to drop rain on outlying areas instead.[4]

[edit] References
^ "Weather modification". Beijing Meteorological Bureau. Retrieved on 2007-11-15.
^ a b "北京市气象台今年首发雷雨大风蓝色预警 (Beijing Meteorological Bureau issues blue thunderstorm warning for first time this year)" (in Chinese), People's Daily (2006-06-26). Retrieved on 2007-11-15.
^ Chen, Jieqiong (2007-08-15). "08奥运天气控制系统大揭秘 控制天气全凭高科技 (08 Olympics weather control system unveiled; controls the weather with advanced technology)", China Radio International. Retrieved on 2007-11-15.
^ a b MacLeod, Calum (2006-06-29). "China rolls out the big guns, aiming for a dry Olympics", USA Today. Retrieved on 2007-11-15.
^ a b Ruwitch, John (2004-07-27). "China Seeders Train Sights on Soggy Skies", Reuters. Retrieved on 2007-11-19.
^ "China says it made rain to wash off sand", MSNBC News (2006-05-06). Retrieved on 2007-11-15.
^ "Need More Snow? Beijing Weather Wizards Deliver", The Deseret News (1997-01-16). Retrieved on 2007-11-19.
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The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla; HAARP - Chemtrails , the Secret of Alternative 4 - Tim Swartz305 viewswww.theUFOstore.com

Discredited in his time, Nikola Tesla was made by business competitors and the government to be nothing more than a kook. However, these same conspirators later duplicated and stole many of Tesla's most fabulous inventions which could soon change the course of history.
Nikola Tesla was a man ahead of this time, and may have been the first on earth to receive radio communications with unknown entities from beyond the planet. These communications convinced Tesla that we are not alone in the universe and that planet earth was in the beginnings of massive global warming that could spell doom for the human race.

In his last days, Tesla involved himself with scientific research and invention in an attempt to give mankind a fighting chance against a hopeless future, but no one listened! Read for yourself some of Nikola Tesla's lost notes and papers, much which has never been printed before until now, and learn some of the best kept secrets in our modern era that at one time were considered too incredible to be true.

156 pages in this downloadable e-book
March 23, 2006 - UFO pyramides Egypt305 viewswww.pyramidcam.com/strange/strange.html

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Scientists Teleport Two Different Objects: This claim was made by Professor Eugene Polzik and his team at the Niels Bohr Institute at Copenhagen University in Denmark. He said they had made a breakthrough by using both light and matter. Teleportation between two single atoms was done two years ago. The new experiment allows teleportation to be taken over longer distances because it involves light as the carrier of entanglement. They have performed entanglement, quantum measurement and quantum feedback. All three are necessary in teleporting quantum information from one site to another site.

Source: CNN.com, October 5, 2006

Triangular-shaped Flying Structure: On October 11, 2006 a huge triangular-shaped object with red flickering lights on its periphery was seen over Los Angeles. The object flew north from southeast of Torrance at 7:48 pm.


History of weather control305 viewswww.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weather_control

History of weather control

Witches concoct a brew to summon a hailstorm.Some American Indians had rituals which they believed could induce rain. The Finnish people, on the other hand, were believed by others to be able to control weather. As a result, Vikings refused to take Finns on their oceangoing raids. Remnants of this superstition lasted into the twentieth century, with some ship crews being reluctant to accept Finnish sailors. The early modern era saw people observe that during battles the firing of cannons and other firearms often initiated precipitation. Magical and religious practices to control the weather are attested in a variety of cultures. In Greek mythology, Iphigenia was sacrificed as a human sacrifice to appease the wrath of the goddess Artemis, who had caused the Achaean fleet to be becalmed at Aulis at the beginning of the Trojan War. In Homer's Odyssey, Aeolus, keeper of the winds, bestowed Odysseus and his crew with a gift of the four winds in a bag. However, the sailors open the bag while Odysseus slept, looking for booty, and as a result are blown off course by the resulting gale.[1] In ancient Rome, the lapis manalis was a sacred stone kept outside the walls of Rome in a temple of Mars. When Rome suffered from drought, the stone was dragged into the city.[2] The Berwick witches of Scotland were found guilty of using black magic to summon storms to murder King James VI of Scotland by seeking to sink the ship upon which he travelled.[3] Scandinavian witches allegedly claimed to sell the wind in bags or magically confined into wooden staves; they sold the bags to seamen who could release them when becalmed.[4] In various towns of Navarre, prayers petitioned Saint Peter to grant rain in time of drought. If the rain was not forthcoming, the statue of St Peter was removed from the church and tossed into a river.[5]

Perhaps the first example of practical weather control is the lightning rod. In the 1950s, computer scientist John von Neumann, an early theorizer on weather control, surmised that if Earth were to enter another Ice Age, a preventative solution would be to dump dirt (or spray soot from cropdusting planes) on the surface of the planet's glaciers. He noted that this would significantly change their reflectivity (albedo), and thus increase the solar energy retained by the planet. Such a strategy would require repeated applications, as storms would cover some portion of the soot with new snow until their frequency and range abated. The theoretical efficacy of von Neumann's proposal remains to be examined. Wilhelm Reich performed cloudbusting experiments in the 1950s to 1960s, the results of which are controversial. Dr Walter Russell wrote of weather control in Atomic Suicide 1956. Jack Toyer 1970s building a rainmaker Palmers Island near Grafton using Mirror Solar radiations Electromagnetic Static charge and infra red frequencies of Light to induce weather in regional areas within Australia interviewed by Mike Willise and George Negus in 1980s continued work by remainder man Peter Stevens 1980s through 2000s

[edit] Cloud seeding for rain
Cloud seeding is a common technique intended to trigger rain, but evidence on its effectiveness is mixed. Critics generally contend that claimed successes occur in conditions which were going to rain anyway. It is used in several different countries, including the United States, the People's Republic of China, and Russia. In the People's Republic of China there is a perceived dependency upon it in dry regions, which believe they are increasing annual rainfall by firing silver iodide rockets into the sky where rain is desired. In the United States, dry ice or silver iodide may be injected into a cloud by aircraft, or from the ground, in an attempt to increase rainfall; some companies are dedicated to this form of weather modification.

[edit] Storm prevention
Project Stormfury was an attempt to weaken tropical cyclones by flying aircraft into storms and seeding the eyewall with silver iodide. The project was run by the United States Government from 1962 to 1983. A similar project using soot was run in 1958, with inconclusive results.[6] Various methods have been proposed to reduce the harmful effects of hurricanes. Moshe Alamaro of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology[7] proposed using barges with upward-pointing jet engines to trigger smaller storms to disrupt the progress of an incoming hurricane; critics doubt the jets would be powerful enough to make any noticeable difference.[6]

Alexandre Chorin of the University of California at Berkeley proposed dropping large amounts of environmentally friendly oils on the sea surface to prevent droplet formation.[8] Experiments by Kerry Emanuel[9] of MIT in 2002 suggested that hurricane-force winds would disrupt the oil slick, making it ineffective.[10] Other scientists disputed the factual basis of the theoretical mechanism assumed by this approach.[11] The Florida company Dyn-O-Mat proposes the use of a product it has developed, called Dyn-O-Gel, to reduce the strength of hurricanes. The substance is a powder which reportedly has the ability to absorb 1,500 times its own weight in water. The theory is that it is dropped into clouds to remove their moisture. When the gel reaches the ocean surface, it is reportedly dissolved. The company has tested the substance on a thunderstorm, but there has not been any scientific consensus established as to its effectiveness.[12] Hail cannons are used by some farmers in an attempt to ward off hail, but there is no reliable scientific evidence to confirm or deny their effectiveness. Another new anti-hurricane technology [1] is a method for the reduction of tropical cyclones? destructive force - pumping sea water and diffused in the wind at the bottom of such tropical cyclone in its eyewall.

[edit] Ionospheric experiments
HIPAS has several diverse experimental facilities: a 1-megawatt rf transmitter to produce ELF/VLF (Extremely Low Frequency and Very Low Frequency) electromagnetic (EM) generation by the absorption of radio frequency (rf) power in the arctic ionosphere including ion cyclotron excitation; a 100 kW rf plasma torch used in research on the destruction of hazardous waste; a 2.7 m liquid mirror telescope used with one of several lasers for ionospheric stimulation and measurement; an Incoherent Scatter Radar (a new project using 88 ft. diameter antenna at NOAA Gilmore Creek site 34 km SW of HIPAS as the receiving antenna with the transmitter at HIPAS). HIPAS is in the process of adding a very high power (terawatt) laser (recently obtained from LLNL) to perform laser breakdown experiments in the ionosphere. Two Diesel electric generators (1500 HP 4160 V, 3-phase, 1.2 MVA each) are used to power the experiments. There are a number of computers (PC's ) on site, and a high-speed data line to UAF is available. While these experiments are useful in measuring the properties of the ionosphere, they produce insufficient amounts of energy to modify it in any significant way.

Atmospheric Ionization Research Association Incorporated in 2007 in Australia began reworking Jack Toyers machine principals (http://video.google.com.au/videoplay?docid=-9102682294862253229) with operations in regional Queensland Chincilla 2006, Kilcoy 2006, Dalby 2007, Sapphire 2007, Calliope 2007. New South Wales Casino 2006-2008,Lismore 2006-2008 Bourke 2007. Arizona Phoenix 2007-2008, Death Valley 2007 December 2007 dedication to Jack Toyer,Lao and Dr Walter Russells work in Virginia at Swannonoa Palace estate operating in USA , Mobile to travel to sites with a great deal of Success within the Target Area's this Science Phenomena of Rain from Blue Skies and Many other Videos on Google(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-8sVWfmWb8)

[edit] Weather control and law
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[edit] 1977 Environmental Modification Convention
Main article: Environmental Modification Convention
Weather control, as well as "weather tampering", for hostile or military purposes is expressly forbidden dating from at least December 10, 1976, when the "United Nations General Assembly Resolution 31/72, TIAS 9614 Convention[13] on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques" was adopted. The Convention was: Signed in Geneva May 18, 1977; Entered into force October 5, 1978; Ratification by U.S. President December 13, 1979; U.S. ratification deposited at New York January 17, 1980.[14]

[edit] 2005 U.S. Senate Bill 517 and U.S. House Bill 2995
U.S. Senate Bill 517[15] and U.S. House Bill 2995[16] were two laws proposed in 2005 that would have allowed experimental weather modification by artificial methods, established a Weather Modification Operations and Research Board, and implemented a national weather modification policy. Neither ever became law.

[edit] Future aspirations
Climatologist Ross Hoffman has simulated hurricane control based on selective heating and cooling (or prevention of evaporation).[17] Futurist John Smart has discussed the potential for weather control via space-based solar power networks. One proposal involves the gentle heating via microwave of portions of large hurricanes. Such chaotic systems may be susceptible to "side steering" with a few degrees of increased temperature/pressure at critical points. A sufficient network might keep the largest and most potentially damaging hurricanes from landfall, at the request of host nations. Blizzards, monsoons, and other extreme weather are also potential candidates for space-based amelioration.[citations needed] If large-scale weather control were to become feasible, potential implications may include:

Unintended side effects, especially given the chaotic nature of weather development
Damage to existing ecosystems
Health risks to humans
Equipment malfunction or accidents
Non-democratic control or use as a weapon
For the 2008 Olympics, the Chinese have set aside 30 airplanes, 4,000 rocket launchers, and 7,000 anti-aircraft guns to stop rain. The Chinese plan to shoot various chemicals into any threatening clouds to shrink rain drops before they reach the stadium.[18]

[edit] Weather control in popular culture
In popular culture, weather control technology can be encountered in the realms of public speculation, science fiction, and fantasy. The concept of weather control is often portrayed as a part of terraforming.

[edit] Film and television

[edit] Star Trek
In the Star Trek universe, most advanced planets and colonies utilize weather control, often referred to as weather modification grids or weather modification nets. A small, but long-established TNG-era (ca 2369) colony was a weather control facility for approximately a hundred years. Most advanced civilizations apparently employ weather control standard equipment.
Weather control technology in 2270s required special facilities, modern TNG- and DS9-era technology consists of multiple mid-size devices positioned strategically, networked and controlled from more-or-less arbitrary places.
For example, the planet Risa has its climate controlled to be a tropical paradise. Perhaps one of the few modern exceptions of planets apparently without weather control technology is Ferenginar with continuous rain. (It could be the weather control is set for never ending rain, or is expensive to maintain.)

[edit] Other films or shows
In the SciFi Channel Original Series, Stargate SG1, Episode 214, "Touchstone", aired on October 30, 1998, the Stargate SG1 team discovers a weather control device on an alien planet, which is subsequently stolen and brought to earth, where experimenting with it wreaked havoc with the local weather. The device was later recaptured and returned to its original planet which had suffered phenominal storms since it had been stolen.
In the Disney Channel Original Movie, The Ultimate Christmas Present, two girls find a weather machine and make it snow in Los Angeles.
In the live action Justice League of America film, the villain is a terrorist who has a weather control device.
In Aliens, a colony sent to LV-426 by the Company utilized a fusion-powered terraforming atmosphere processor. In the first film, the planet's climate was not yet suitable for human life.
In the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series, the episode "Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X" includes Stone Warriors using a "weather satellite", with one difference: while other weather satellite gives weather prognosis, this one "makes weather". The "weather satellite" creates a storm to level New York City, but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles destroy it. The episode "Take Me to Your Leader" of the same series include Krang and the Shredder using a machine to reduce the Sun, creating cold weather on the Earth.
Storm (played by Halle Berry), a member of the X-Men, can control the weather with her mind.
In Superman III, Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor) changes the weather by hacking into a weather satellite.
In a Family Guy episode, Stewie builds a machine that can control the weather using only a satellite dish and a See 'n Say.
In the film The Avengers Sir August de Wynter (Sean Connery) creates a satellite capable of controlling the weather.
Our Man Flint is a 1966 sci-fi action film which stars James Coburn as Derek Flint where a trio of mad scientists attempt to blackmail the world with a weather-control machine.
Kaij?t? no kessen: Gojira no musuko is a 1967 film from Japan. Scientists, on a tropical island, conduct weather control experiments then encounter gigantic praying mantises and a giant spider that attack the son of Godzilla. Godzilla arrives and saves his offspring.
The cartoon miniseries G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra, showed the terrorist group Cobra in possession of a device called the Weather Dominator.

[edit] Computer games
In Master Of Orion, it is possible to build a weather control building to change the planet's environment.
In Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, the Allies can build the weather controller device superweapon, and direct thunderstorms to strike a selected location of the map every 10 game minutes.
In Phantasy Star II, a weather, irrigation and dam control system known as Climatrol has been constructed by Mother Brain to make the barren planet Motavia habitable for Palman occupation.
In the forthcoming game Spore by Will Wright, players will be able to use a spacecraft to modify planetary atmospheres - creating volcanoes to generate carbon dioxide, seeding plant life to create breathable air, or even using a "Genesis device" to make a planet habitable in one go.[19]

[edit] Prose
Ben Bova's "The Weathermakers" is the story of a government agency that controls the weather.
Sydney Sheldon's "Are You Afraid of the Dark" is the story of a think tank that builds technology powerful enough to create hurricanes, tornadoes, and tsunamis.
In Michael Crichton's "State of Fear," ecoterrorists plan to create a tsunami, calve an iceberg, and induce flash flooding and hurricanes.
In Normand Lester?s science Thriller Verglas, the 1998 icestorm that struck the Montr?al area is an experiment by the Pentagon in the development of a climatic weapon that went wrong. The book speculate that ULF waves generated by a transmitter at Siple Station, a US base in Antarctica, caused the icestorm by affecting the ionosphere over Qu?bec.
In Lois Lowry's "The Giver," the government controls the weather and keeps it from snowing, and confine rain to the farmland.
In the book series Weather Warden by Rachel Caine, the Wardens are an association of people who have the ability to control the elements - earth, fire and weather. They manipulate these elements to stop natural disasters from devastating mankind. The main character herself is a Weather Warden, so weather manipulation plays a large role throughout the series.
In Roger Zelazny's The Chronicles of Amber an openly known quality of the Jewel of Judgment is the ability to control the local weather.
In Frank Herbert's Dune series, weather control is widespread, and is achieved with specialized satellites in orbit around a planet.

[edit] Music
cloudbusting by Kate Bush

[edit] Other fictional weather controllers
DC Comics villain Weather Wizard could control the weather with a special kind of technology in the shape of a wand.
Marvel Comics heroes Thor and Storm could control weather; the former because he is the Norse god of thunder, the latter because she is a mutant whose powers specifically center around weather control.
Digimon character Wizardmon could manipulate thunderstorms.
When the Muppet Count von Count of Sesame Street laughs, it often invokes thunder.
In some of the Asterix comics, when the village bard Cacofonix sings, it starts to rain.

[edit] Conspiracy theories
Conspiracy theorists have suggested that certain governments use or seek to use weather control as a weapon (eg via HAARP and/or chemtrails), but such allegations have not been proven. At a counterterrorism conference in 1997, United States Secretary of Defense William Cohen referred to the writings of futurist Alvin Toffler, specifically regarding concerns about "eco-terrorism" and intentionally caused natural disasters.[20]

[edit] See also
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
Weather Modification Operations and Research Board
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Beijing Weather Modification Office
Space Preservation Act
Bernard Eastlund

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[edit] External articles and further reading

[edit] General information
Weather Modification Association Perhaps the largest commercial overhead organization for weather modification research and application.
Golden Dome construction Hundreds of advanced practitioners of Transcendental Meditation put their attention on favorable weather conditions during construction of the Golden Dome during the winter of 1980.
The Testimony of Dr. Tom DeFelice (Past President, Weather Modification Association) in support of Weather Modification Operations and Research Board
109th Congress S. 517: Weather Modification Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act of 2005
Article Montana restricts spraying to a window of months and requires materials and employee lists
US Navy Some work is done by The United States Navy using ELF: Simulations of ELF radiation generated by heating the high-latitude D- region. (This work is supported by the Office of Naval Research and, in part, by a grant of HPC time from the DoD High Performance Computing Center at the Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground)
"The Weather Modification Operations and Research Board (passed Oct.2005) - in corporate cooperation with BAE Systems (HAARP apparatus & facility owner) and Raytheon Corporation (HAARP patent owner)
"Raytheon Aircraft Company (Owner of HAARP patents, and, NOAA-funded aerosol weather modification/AESA radar weather weapons)"
"BAE Systems (program and apparatus-owner of the HAARP facility, Railgun technology, electromagnetic armor, and, a sub-corporation partner with Raytheon via British Aerospace Corporation
"General Dynamics Robotics (owned by Raytheon Corp) - military contractor/manufacturer of Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAV) aircraft designed for "all-weather," computer-controlled weapons defense progams
"HAARP Completed! - news compilation
"President Bush's National Response Plan"
"Boeing, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, and Raytheon to create B2B exchange for the aerospace and defense industry, powered by Microsoft"
North American Interstate Weather Modification Council
The Gateway Arch as a weather control device
William Cohen Address of 4/28/1997 where he mentioned the possibility of "eco-terrorism" including weather control.
Scientific American Magazine (October 2004 Issue) Controlling Hurricanes
Weather control video's and info
Eastlund Scientific Enterprises The established corporation of Bernard Eastlund, the inventor of the fusion torch, patents used for the HAARP, and the weather-modifying "Thunderstorm Solar-Powered Satellite" system.
Whitehouse.gov The "National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive" of 2007, in which "The President shall lead the activities of the Federal Government for ensuring constitutional government" (powers of legislative and judiciary branches aside) during any sort of catastrophic emergency in the USA.

[edit] Patents
Process for weather control, H. M. Brandau, U.S. Patent 2,756,097
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Combustible compositions for generating aerosols, particularly suitable for cloud modification and weather control and aerosolization process, Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche, U.S. Patent RE29,142
[show]v ? d ? eGlobal warming and climate change

Hurricane Season To Sort Out Oil's Winners And Losers305 viewshttp://www.istockanalyst.com/article/viewarticle+articleid_2320408~title_UPDATE--Hurricane-Season.html
NEW YORK (Dow Jones) -- With oil at record highs grabbing everyone's attention, investors in energy stocks are already turning to the Atlantic Hurricane season to determine which firms will benefit and which will lose.

Even a slight disruption to production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico could push oil prices to even higher stratospheric levels, unleashing more dislocation in the energy sector: Hurting some oil and gas producers and refiners while benefiting oil players, such as aftermath service providers, analysts said.

The Gulf of Mexico provices about 32% of crude oil and 15% of U.S. natural gas production.

"The hurricane season can affect the [energy] sector dramatically. It's all about the fear factor," said Beth Sewell, managing partner of Quantum Gas & Power Services. "As a storm comes, traders will always trade on the uncertainty and trading goes through the roof."

The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1 and runs through the end of November, and the period between August to September historically provides the bulk of named storms and major hurricanes.

Ever since the disasters of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the summer of 2005, traders have tended to added premiums to some energy stocks ahead of time. According to Sewell, there is already a hurricane-related premium of about 10% to 20% on average in energy stocks.

"It's already been jacked up given all the international and hedge fund money flowing into the sector," she said.

Yet, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration currently forecasts a 65% chance that this year's season will be more active than normal and yielding above-average size storms.

Meanwhile, AccuWeather is predicting 12 named storms in 2008, and believes at least 40% of them will cause tropical storm or hurricane conditions along the U.S. coastline.

Energy dislocations

With the overall energy sector already incensed by record oil prices, many sectors within the energy space are already exceptionally volatile, according to Susquehanna, an institutional sale, research and market making firm.

"In our opinion, this year's hurricane season is likely to be watched very closely as investors typically envision worst case scenarios, and any storm headed for the Gulf of Mexico could potentially set off a rush of speculative buying," said Brian Niemiec, energy analyst at Susquehanna, in a note.

This year's first named storm could be a potential catalyst for the overall sector since last year's hurricane season was somewhat uneventful, he said.

According to Niemec's analysis, oil and gas exploration and production players with significant exposure to the Gulf of Mexico with limited hedging against production losses are Nexen Inc.

27 sept. 1997 Bethel - New York, Ufo in a group of geese..304 views
B2 spirit304 viewswww.nl.youtube.com/watch?v=0ITbW375_Gc (6 sec)
Bob Lazar's sport UFO nr. 1367304 viewsUFOs of the Elite's pt 3: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qEWXooOXJk (9:34)
Book of Job and Amos304 views
Hamilton, Canada - 1978304 views
Cylinder on Moon.JPG
Cigar shaped Ufo on the Moon304 viewsClose Encounters and Proof that Aliens exist.
NASA officially admits about UFOs: "They are the remains of Martian life!"

Don't you believe it?
Watch yourself: www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6M9JR1COPw&mode=related=search= (50min13sec)
ekip1saratov304 views
Chemtrails en H.A.A.R.P. - ...en even later een scheidings- lijn ontstaan in het kunstmatig gefabriceerde wolkendek..eind juni 2007 Hilversum NH304 views?The ancient Hindus could navigate the air, and not only navigate it, but fight battles in it like so many war-eagles combating for the domination of the clouds. To be so perfect in aeronautics, they must have known all the arts and sciences related to the science, including the strata and currents of the atmosphere, the relative temperature, humidity, density and specific gravity of the various gases...?

~ Col. Henry S Olcott (1832 ? 1907) American author, attorney, philosopher, and cofounder of the Theosophical Society in a lecture in Allahabad, in 1881.

O4 Aurora303 views
Gilgamesh Tablet - the Deluge303 views
Haunebu 1303 views
UFO , Las Vegas - 2004303 views
Lockheeds X-22A flying Discs..303 views
by Ornain Gendarmerie, 1975 - France303 views
What Astronomers think about Nibiru303 views"Astronomers are so sure of the 10th planet, they think there is nothing left but to name it".
Ray T. Reynolds, NASA.
ufo in ancient art.jpg
Winchester, Hampshire - England - August 13, 2002302 views
photo from Stealth the Movie.. 302 viewshttp://www.dvd-home.nl/review/r2/stealth.htm
O3 Aurora302 views
1976 - Argentina302 views
Carloz Diaz, UFO, Tepoztlan, Mexico - 1991302 viewsElektro Magnetic advanced anti-Gravity propulsing Spaceships in Mexico using Zero Point Energy.
JMF 1st German Disc302 views
New World Order Capstone, the All Seeing Eye, Elite World Domination - Reducing humanity to 500 million302 viewshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nimrod_(king)Though not clearly stated in the Bible, Nimrod has since ancient times traditionally been interpreted to be the one who led the people to build the Tower of Babel. Since his kingdom included the towns in Shinar, it is believed likely that it was under his direction that the building began. This is the view adopted in the Targums and later texts such as the writings of Josephus. Some extrabiblical sources, however, assert to the contrary, that he left the district before the building of the tower.
New World Order timeline
These are events that are considered pivotal in, and related to, the establishment of the New World Order.[13]

In 1832, Skull and Bones was founded at Yale.
In 1903 the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were published in Russia. Scholars generally agree that the Okhrana, the secret police of the Russian Empire, fabricated the text in the late 1890s or early 1900s.[14]
In 1913 the Federal Reserve Act was passed, creating the Federal Reserve System.
In 1935, the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States with the Eye of Providence above the pyramid appeared for the first time on the back of the one dollar U.S. dollar bill.
In 1944, the Bretton Woods Agreement was signed, outlining a regime for the post World War II world economy.
In 1945, the United Nations was founded.
In 1954, the Bilderberg Group was founded.
In 1957 the European Economic Community (European Common Market) was formed, which in 1992 changed its name to the European Union. Currently, the EU has 27 member states, 15 of which use a common currency, the Euro.
In 1963, the Codex Alimentarius Commission was established by the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization, later to be backed by the World Trade Organization.
In 1973, David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski organized the Trilateral Commission. The Club of Rome issued a report entitled the "Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System," which proposes that the world be divided into ten regions.
In 1995, the United Nations' International Trade Organization's (ITO) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) group was renamed the World Trade Organization (WTO).[15]
In 2001, the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon are attacked, killing thousands of people. The attacks were allegedly carried out by al-Qaeda terrorists primarily from Saudi Arabia, but many conspiracy theorists[who?] believe that they were carried out or supported by the U.S. government, or the Illuminati.[citation needed] The attacks have been linked to ideas about the New World Order, sometimes presented as a conspiratorial media-orchestrated plot to frighten Americans into giving up their civil liberties to a "Homeland Security" authority that will eventually turn control of the United States over to a multi-national "coalition government."[citation needed]
In 2001 the USA Patriot Act was signed by George W. Bush, which expands the authority of U.S. law enforcement agencies for the stated purpose of fighting terrorism in the United States and abroad.
In 2002, the FDA approved the manufacture of the VeriChip microchip implant. This aroused people's fears that some future totalitarian governments could enforce the implanting of these chips and thus be a form of the Mark of the Beast mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Revelation 13:16-13:17[16][17]
In 2004, the Independent Task Force on North America, a project organized by the Council on Foreign Relations, proposes the establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security community, generally referred to as the North American Union. It has been proposed by Robert Pastor, a vice-chairman of the task force, that the North American Union would have a common currency, the amero.[18]
In 2007 U.S. president George W. Bush signed into effect the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive which grants him (the president) broad powers during a time of "national emergency". This directive grants unprecedented power to the Commander In Chief of the US Military (the president) without any type of overriding checks and balances from Congress.[19]

[edit] Ideologies
There are a number of different ideologies related to this belief:[20]

[edit] H. G. Wells and the benevolent New World Order
H.G. Wells advised in his 1940 work The New World Order that "... when the struggle seems to be drifting definitely towards a world social democracy, there may still be very great delays and disappointments before it becomes an efficient and beneficent world system. Countless people ... will hate the new world order ... and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we [must] bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quite gallant and graceful-looking people."[21] He called for the effort to organize prominent intellectuals behind the idea of establishing a World Government, in which his writings would be expected to have an instrumental role, in the "Open Conspiracy" (a benevolent one) in his book published under that name in 1928.[22]

[edit] Lionel Curtis and the "Commonwealth of God"
Lionel Curtis wrote a book in 1938 called The Commonwealth of God in which he advocated that the United States and the British Empire should jointly impose a world government which would be presented as being the work of God: "I feel that when once the Protestant churches had learned to regard the creation of a world commonwealth as an all-important aspect of their work in realizing the Kingdom of God, an international commonwealth in the English-speaking world would come into being in a few generations".[23][24] Some conspiracy theorists find sinister meaning in this.

[edit] Alice Bailey's "New World Order" and its opposition to Orthodox Judaism
Alice A. Bailey, a one time Theosophist who formed her own group, the Arcane School, in 1923, predicted in 1940 the victory of the Allies over the Axis and the establishment afterward by the Allies of a "New World Order" ? regarded by her (as by H.G. Wells) ? as a benevolent conspiracy by political progressives that would bring humanity to a higher level of civilization.[25] However, in 1997, Rabbi Yonassan Gershom, in an article titled "Antisemitic Stereotypes in Alice Bailey's Writings", pointed out that Bailey's "Plan for the New World Order" called for "the gradual dissolution - again if in any way possible - of the Orthodox Jewish faith", which, he said, indicated that "her goal is nothing less than the destruction of Judaism itself."[26]

[edit] Patrick Buchanan and the Council on Foreign Relations theory
Paleoconservative Patrick J. Buchanan asserts the Council on Foreign Relations (itself alleged to be a front for international bankers, as well as, it is claimed, the inspiration for the founding of the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, and World Trade Organization) is behind the conspiracy.[citation needed] He claims that the international banking interests are planning to eventually subvert the independence of the United States of America by subordinating national sovereignty to the United Nations.[27][28] This thesis agrees with the right-wing libertarian opinion[29] who sees a future socialist World State as the only way to achieve an Orwellian collectivist oligarchy freed from the need to subordinate the world's production to the consumers of a free market economy. The conspiracy would replace it with a monopolist planned economy capable of rationing the resources, converting populations into public property.[30] Their usual image is an egalitarian slavery under a global scientific dictatorship.

"For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents ... to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."
- David Rockefeller, "Memoirs" autobiography (2002, Random House publishers), page 405
The Council of Foreign Relations Theory is the latest version of the conspiracy theorist view that the Anglo-American Establishment conspired from 1900 on to gain world domination. The research findings of historian Carroll Quigley, an expert on the Establishment, were taken by right-wing writers to substantiate this view, even though he denied that the Establishment was a conspiracy seeking world domination.[31]

[edit] Apocalyptic Christian theories centering on the Book of Revelation
Some evangelical Christian theologians include a prominent religious element based on prophecies in the Bible, including, but not limited to, the Book of Revelation, the Book of Daniel, and the Gospel of John about the coming of the Anti-Christ. They assert that agents of Satan are involved in deceiving humanity into accepting an international demonic order that has Satan and the Unholy Trinity, at the core of worship. These beliefs often include explicit millenarianism. Other ideologies do not have a religious component, and view the concept of "serving Satan" metaphorically[citation needed].

The futurist, dispensationalist view regarding the expected events leading to the implementation of the New World Order and the emergence of the Anti-Christ as well as the subsequent Battle of Armageddon and Second Coming is exhaustively summarized in the 1998 book Final Warning: The History of the New World Order by David Allen Rivera.[32] A popular documentary on christian eschatology is called The Late, Great Planet Earth, and is narrated by Orson Welles.

[edit] Multi-national corporations theory
Some say that there is or may be an explicit (conspiracy) or implicit (bloc) organization of intellectuals, technologists, technocrats, intelligentsia, technophiles, or other such intellectual elites and leaders who view digital technology as a god in and of itself and push a pro-Technocracy, pro-Scientism agenda. Generally, this theory maintains a nexus to capitalism, materialism, transnational corporations, and based on behaviours of groups like Big four record labels, Supermajor, Trusted Computing Group, and advancement of technology like Spychips. The theory goes if technology is profitable and humans are subjectively guided by technological communications; accordingly, it is possible to sustain a peaceful and global consumer society. Anti-psychiatry sometimes plays a role in such theories, as it is claimed that the fields of psychology and psychiatry are for the purposes of medicating the individualist instincts of people and creating a conformant "therapeutic society."

[edit] Novus Ordo Seclorum
The phrase novus ordo seclorum means "New Order of the Ages", but is sometimes incorrectly translated as "New Secular Order".[33] Some of those who believe that the Freemasons are involved in the conspiracy to create a New World Order claim[34] that the motto is inspired by Freemasonry, and is one of the clues to the True Masters of the World. By circumscribing the 6 pointed hexagram, or Star of David, over the pyramid, 5 of the 6 apices (the 6th being the 'All-seeing eye'), point near letters spelling S-M-O-N-A, which can be rearranged to spell Mason. (In Hebrew the word "Oman" (plural "omanim") means artisan or skilled labourer, hence the possible reference in the word mason)

Advocates of the conspiracy theory also cite the 13 steps that ascend the pyramid, and the 72 visible blocks on the front. The Great US seal is also ascribed as employing heavily masonic imagery, with many believing the eagle to represent the masonic phoenix. The eagle holds an olive branch with 13 olives and 13 leaves in one claw, and 13 arrows in the other. There are also 13 stars above the eagle on the Great Seal of the United States, which also forms the 6 point hexagram or Star of David.

Occultists venerate the number 13 as it represents the Sun and the twelve signs of the zodiac, making thirteen. Others suggest the steps refer to the thirteen colonies.[35] If the blocks are correctly counted and their number intended, 72 has other mystical meanings: it was sacred to the Egyptians, as Plutarch says; and Persians, Jews and Christians use it as the number of nations on the Earth.

[edit] Other theories
Although the United Nations features prominently in some theories, conspiracy theory in the twenty-first century allows for the addition of many ideas that in the past might have been thought mutually exclusive. Extra-terrestrials (either the "Reptilians" or the "Greys" or both), the Trilateral Commission, the Illuminati, and other groups may be included in the conspiracy, in more or less dominant roles, as in the conspiracy theory put forward by David Icke. Some theorists say a secret annual conference of the Bilderberg Group plans world events to establish the New World Order.[36]Additionally, religious eschatology, often featuring the anti-Christ, is central to some theories, and irrelevant to others.

New World Order conspiracy theory may be presented by any who fear the loss of their ideological freedom and liberties, conservatives and liberals alike. A number of those on both the right and left believe that the left/right paradigm itself is a subversive creation of a New World Order-controlled media, intended as disinformation to divert people from their common enemy. This has been called "Fusion Paranoia" by Michael Kelly.

[edit] Theories about instances of historical manipulations
The conspirators thought to be responsible for the new world order, according to conspiracy theorists, are also suspected of staging many historical events such as World Wars and terrorist attacks. New world order conspiracy theorists say that world leaders throughout history have successfully manipulated their people into wars using false flag operations. To support these assertions they cite what they consider to be previous examples of such manipulations:

The Nazis capitalized on the Reichstag fire by blaming the Communists for it, thus eliminating support for the Communist party in Germany, and leading to Nazi domination of the legislature.
The Business Plot, a conspiracy of American wealthy industrial titans to hire a private army of 500,000 troops to overthrow the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt and create a fascist dictatorship in the United States.
The use of the Patriot Act in the United States (9/11)
The state of emergency in Indira Gandhi's rule of India after convicted of election fraud
The United States knew in advance of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, and President Roosevelt used the attacks as a "legitimate" reason for entering World War II.
Operation Northwoods, a proposed series of false flag operations to be used as a pretext for an invasion of Cuba, was signed off by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but rejected by President Kennedy shortly before his assassination.
The Gulf of Tonkin Incident led President Johnson to escalate U.S. hostilities in Vietnam
The Federal Reserve Act, designed to regulate bankers, was written on a private island off the coast of Georgia in 1910 by bankers representing the JP Morgan, Rockefeller, and Rothschild interests. This act gave the top international bankers the power to control and manipulate the United States money supply and therefore the economy.
The United States government knew in advance of the attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon (9/11), the Bush administration created the attacks as a "legitimate" reason to enter Afghanistan, and later Iraq. It is also thought that the US may use similar reasoning to invade Iran, Lebanon and other countries in the Middle East as a foothold for the new world order.
Other new world order conspiracy theorists see the conspiracy at work in globalization, or in the various intellectual movements evolved from Marxism, ranging from social democracy to the Frankfurt School. These are thought to be intended to homogenize cultures and values by political normalization, as in the European Union and African Union's gradual "communitarian construction" scheme of a common economic and legal framework.

[edit] Postulated implementations
Just as there are several overlapping and even conflicting theories among conspiracy theorists about the nature of the New World Order, so are there several beliefs about how its architects and planners will implement it. For each theory, there is another which states that it has already happened:

[edit] Gradual takeover through economic colonialism
One conspiracy theory is that the New World Order is being implemented gradually, citing the foundation of the Federal Reserve bank; American Imperialism and economic Colonialism, the formation of the United Nations; the formation of the World Health Organization, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization; the formation of the European Union and the Euro currency; the formations of the North American Union and the Amero currency, the Middle East Free Trade Area, the African Union, and the various Middle East peace processes as major milestones.[citation needed]

In particular, Alex Jones claims in his movie Endgame that the European Union, the North American Union and other similar economic unions are implementations of the New World Order, orchestrated by the Bilderberg Group.[37]

[edit] Military coup
The understanding of some conspiracy theorists is that the New World Order will be created by a military coup, using UN and possibly American troops, against all the nations of the world to bring about a singular world government. Before year 2000 some conspiracists believed this process would be set in motion by the predicted Y2K computer crisis causing widespread social disorder.[38]

[edit] Chemtrails and MK-Ultra
Other components proposed by some conspiracy theorists[who?] include the dispersal of chemicals into the atmosphere via aircraft in the Chemtrail conspiracy theory and CIA mind control experiments performed under the code name MK-ULTRA.[citation needed]

[edit] UPC marking and RFID tagging
Some conspiracy theorists from the Christian community believe that the New World Order is the rulership of Earth by the Anti-Christ, and identify the coming of Satan's reign with the mark of the beast mentioned specifically in the Book of Revelation (see Revelation 13:16). Because the Mark of the Beast is linked to the act of "buying and selling", this mark has been at various times considered identical with the collection of sales tax, the use of Social Security card numbers, and the bar-coding of retail goods with UPC (Universal Product Code) markings. Current theorists have implicated RFID tagging as well. Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre, authors of Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID, wrote a new book on the subject from a Christian perspective.[39] John Conner, leader of an organization called "The Resistance of Christ" (and the leader of the human resistance movement known as Tech-Com) also believes there is a strong connection. Related subjects include eschatology (last things) and dispensationalism.[40][41][42]

[edit] "The Externalization of the Hierarchy"
In Alice Bailey's conspiracy theories (see above), a group called the Great White Brotherhood works on the "inner planes" to oversee humanity's transition to the New World Order. At present, the members of this Spiritual Hierarchy are only know?n to a few people, with whom they communicate telepathically, but as the need for their personal involvement in the plan increases, there will be an "Externalization of the Hierarchy" and all people will know of their presence on Earth.[citation needed]

[edit] See also
Alex Jones
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Nimrod figures in some very early versions of the history of Freemasonry, where he was said to have been one of the fraternity's founders. According to the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry: The legend of the Craft in the Old Constitutions refers to Nimrod as one of the founders of Masonry. Thus in the York MS., No. 1, we read: "At ye making of ye toure of Babell there was a Masonrie first much esteemed of, and the King of Babilon yt called Nimrod was a Mason himself and loved well Masons." However, he does not figure in the current rituals.

It is further often assumed that his rulership included war and terror, and that he was a hunter not only of animals, but also a person who used aggression against other humans. The Hebrew translated "before" in the phrase "Mighty hunter before the LORD" is commonly analysed as meaning literally "in the Face of" in this interpretation, to suggest a certain rebelliousness in the establishment of a human government. Since some of the towns mentioned were in the territory of Assyria, which is connected to Shem's son Asshur, Nimrod is sometimes speculated to have invaded territory that did not belong to him. However, various translations of the Hebrew text leave it ambiguous as to whether the towns in Assyria were founded by Nimrod or by Asshur.

Historians and mythographers have tried to find links between Nimrod and figures from other traditions. One such identification is with Ningirsu, and Ninurta who inherited his role, the Sumerian and later Akkadian god of war, hunting, and agriculture; or Nergal, God of Death and the Plague, who was sometimes called Lugal-Amarada or Lugal-Marad or Ni-Marad. Lugal Marad means "king of Marad," a city, whose name means "Rebellion" in Akkadian, as yet unidentified. The name Ni-Marad, in Akkadian means "Lord of Marad". The chief deity of this place, therefore, seems to have been Nergal, of whom, therefore, Lugal-Marad or Ni-Marad is another name.

Marduk (Merodach), who shared attributes with these earlier gods, has also been suggested as a possible archetype for Nimrod, especially at the beginning of the 20th century. Nimrod's imperial ventures described in Genesis may be based on the conquests of the Assyrian king Tukulti-Ninurta I (Dalley et al., 1998, p. 67).
Refuel Aurora302 views
End Of Days302 viewsIndigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7cylfQtkDg
1977, Bangkok - Thailand301 views
7:58 AM - 5 Oktober 2007: Chemtrails over Baarn, Hoogland, Soest en Amersfoort...301 views..en gisteren (4 okt. 2007) omstreeks +/- 21.15u wederom 2 'Vliegende Sterren' van Baarn-Oost/Hoogland richting het Noorden zien vliegen - Getuige: Marc van Druten; WWW.UFODEWAARHEID.COM
Enki ; de Schepper van de homo sapiens, zo'n 300.000 jaren geleden..301 viewsKunstschatten van de Anunnaki/Nefilim, en de schepping van de mensheid in de Volkskrant in 2006: www.volkskrantblog.nl/bericht/71774
F117301 views
Finland UFO301 views
4 febr. 1978 miki-cho - Japan301 views
TR3-A "Black-Manta"301 views
NASA - Mercury301 views
Paaseiland301 views
image; Russian Saucer301 views
Taiwan - 2003301 views
1660 AD ; UFOs above Dutch seaships in the North Sea.301 views
Venus - CAZIMI301 viewsYour world IS changing very soon: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVg0bkn5fsA (11:00)

Zon-Venus Inferior Conjunction als de Maan voor de Zon schuift in 2012 is zeldzaam en komt maar 1 keer in de 120 jaar voor, Venus heet dan Cazimi.

Op 9 juni 2008 - 18Ge42 - VenD in Tweelingen, Venus Rising. [Evening Star]
Op 6 juni 2012 - 15Ge45 - VenRx in Leeuw, Rising [Morning Star - at Solar Maximum 2012]
Cazimi (also spelled Casimi, and sometimes called Zaminium) is a technical Arabic word meaning "heart of the Sun" or "in the heart of the Sun." It is an astrological/astronomical term meaning a planet that is in exact conjunction with or very near the precise center of the solar disc. A planet that forms a conjunction with the Sun within 17' (arc minutes) of partile (exactitude) is said to be Cazimi, literally engulfed and fortified by Sol and, as it also may be interpreted, "in the heart of the Sun." According to a psychological approach to astrology the Sun, representing the Ego, engulfs the energies of the planet in Cazimi and is said to imbue it with the intensely positive and life-giving energy and power of the Sun.

(Venus inferior/superior conjunction dates:
http://www.alabe.com/VeCycle-1.pdf )

Introduction: the deception of the Lisbon Treaty, which is the renamed EU Constitution, the European Council, Europe member of parlement (parliament) Nigel Farage, Academic Anthony Coughlan, the Irish referendum to be held in the second week of June 2008, the French and the Dutch referendums in 2005.. BOTH resulting in the major NO vote.. the rejection of the EU Constitutional Treaty, NATO and the chemical matrix spraying (chemtrails) "Project Cloverleaf".., George W. Bush pushing for NATO membership of Ukraine and Georgia, the synchronization with the Venus rising date as 'Evening Star' on June 9, 2008 (06/09/2008), the 2000 - 2004 - 2008 elections, the Venus pentagram, World Trade Centre (WTC) attack, Madrid and London bombings, the Mayan long count calendar, or December 21,22,23 as end-date, December 13 Lucia Day, Osama bin Laden threatens Europe and Pope in Rome, terrorists, terror, Bush 'Iraq freedom' speech on March 19, 2008.. UN-NWO 'order from chaos' game of 'Peace and Security'..

and ofcourse.. the American Constitution and Bill of Rights..

This video part explains how the Elite/Illuminati build their New World Order/NWO Religion.. in the background of their 'War on Terror' in order to empower the United Nations.. based on Rituals, Symbols and Numbers (Cycles).. and timely synchronized with the 11-year Sunspot Cycle Solar Maximum and the Transit Cycle of the planet Venus.. including its 'Morning Star' and 'Evening Star' risings.. (Lucifer, Satan)

1990.. +11.. 2001.. and NOW.. THEY are getting ready for 2012.. they mislead YOU.. with the "HALF TRUTH".. of their astrology.. their astrological rituals.. and human sacrifices.. as YOU have witnessed.. when the 3 WTC towers fell to Earth.. as 'one major sacrificial ritual'.. while they are 'drawing their symbolic horoscope' of their High-Tech Babylonian New World Order..

The ratio-formula: x9,:9,x11,:11 symbolized by 9/11.. is now discovered.. (part 5) which was kept hidden from us until now..

The other ratio.. the Venus/Earth orbit ratio: 13/8 was also kept hidden from us until now (part 6).. Their sacred number 13 is discussed and how it relates to the worship of planet Venus and our governmental leaders..

Bertie Ahern meets the council of foreign relations, discussing the European Constitution (Lisbon Treaty). To ratify this treaty would nullify the Irish constitution. Vote No!

George Washington Vision Union Militia Freedom, deceit of Chancellor Angela Merkel (Germany), No Vote Ireland, Luck Cloverleaf Shamrock, Democratic Rights, Democracy, Political occultist, occultists, Occult Agenda ratification Spain (Espana) Madrid, United Kingdom (England) London, Germany (Deutschland) Berlin, Italy (Italia) Rome, France Paris the Final Countdown terror attack Osama bin Laden threat Europe Pope Rome Maya Mayans pentagram sunspots sunspot cycle solar maximum Babel Babylon Egypt Netherlands Holland Amsterdam Final Countdown Globalisation Globalization false flag terror attack on Pope in Rome
Venus Phase Cycle, 1900-2050
Venus takes only 225 days to orbit the Sun. However, when she is
viewed from Earth, her full synodic cycle (from inferior
conjunction to inferior conjunction with the Sun) takes 584 days,
or about 1.6 years. This is due to the interaction of Venus?s 225-
day orbital period with the 365-day orbital period of the Earth.
Below is a listing of the principal stages in each Venus
phase cycle, with a line space between each 1.6-year cycle. Note
that each new Venus phase cycle begins about a biquintile (144
degrees) earlier in the zodiac than the previous one. In five
successive phase cycles the inferior conjunction points (or other
comparable points in the cycles) trace a pentagram around the
Five Venus phase cycles take almost exactly eight years.
At the end of every five cycles, we have inserted an extra line
space. This marks the beginning of a new series of five cycles. The
new series traces a similar pentagram, but everything is displaced
approximately two degrees earlier.
Note also that every four years the superior conjunction
takes place at almost exactly the same zodiacal degree (within
only a few minutes of arc) and usually on the same day of the year
as the preceding inferior conjunction.
4 28 1900 Max. Elong. E. 23:10 GMT ... 23Ge41
6 16 1900 Retro. Station 22:22 GMT ... 24Cn00
7 8 1900 Inferior Conj. 11:06 GMT ... 15Cn48
7 30 1900 Direct Station 2:32 GMT ... 7Cn30
9 17 1900 Max. Elong. W. 18:27 GMT ... 8Le22
5 1 1901 Superior Conj. 2:04 GMT ... 10Ta00
12 5 1901 Max. Elong. E. 9:41 GMT ... 29Cp50
1 25 1902 Retro. Station 3:05 GMT ... 3Pi22
2 14 1902 Inferior Conj. 22:58 GMT ... 25Aq21
3 7 1902 Direct Station 12:48 GMT ... 17Aq32
4 25 1902 Max. Elong. W. 23:31 GMT ... 18Pi37
11 29 1902 Superior Conj. 2:37 GMT ... 5Sg57
7 10 1903 Max. Elong. E. 4:16 GMT ... 2Vi14
8 27 1903 Retro. Station 17:38 GMT ... 1Li44
9 17 1903 Inferior Conj. 21:13 GMT ... 23Vi47
10 9 1903 Direct Station 4:38 GMT ... 15Vi40
11 28 1903 Max. Elong. W. 10:58 GMT ... 18Li18
7 8 1904 Superior Conj. 8:15 GMT ... 15Cn42
2 14 1905 Max. Elong. E. 14:28 GMT ... 11Ar55
4 6 1905 Retro. Station 3:55 GMT ... 14Ta42
4 27 1905 Inferior Conj. 9:52 GMT ... 6Ta27
5 18 1905 Direct Station 18:06 GMT ... 28Ar16
7 6 1905 Max. Elong. W. 14:50 GMT ... 28Ta12
2 14 1906 Superior Conj. 9:40 GMT ... 24Aq48
9 20 1906 Max. Elong. E. 6:05 GMT ... 12Sc46
11 9 1906 Retro. Station 15:37 GMT ... 14Sg45
11 30 1906 Inferior Conj. 5:20 GMT ... 7Sg06
12 20 1906 Direct Station 16:27 GMT ... 29Sc27
2 9 1907 Max. Elong. W. 18:21 GMT ... 3Cp05
9 15 1907 Superior Conj. 1:37 GMT ... 21Vi04
4 26 1908 Max. Elong. E. 13:01 GMT ... 21Ge24
6 14 1908 Retro. Station 14:52 GMT ... 21Cn51
7 6 1908 Inferior Conj. 3:32 GMT ... 13Cn38
7 27 1908 Direct Station 18:27 GMT ... 5Cn21
9 15 1908 Max. Elong. W. 10:23 GMT ... 6Le10
4 28 1909 Superior Conj. 17:52 GMT ... 7Ta47
12 2 1909 Max. Elong. E. 23:33 GMT ... 27Cp25
1 22 1910 Retro. Station 17:25 GMT ... 0Pi56
2 12 1910 Inferior Conj. 12:24 GMT ... 22Aq56
3 5 1910 Direct Station 1:57 GMT ... 15Aq07
4 23 1910 Max. Elong. W. 15:10 GMT ... 16Pi21
11 26 1910 Superior Conj. 13:55 GMT ... 3Sg27
7 7 1911 Max. Elong. E. 20:21 GMT ... 0Vi03
8 25 1911 Retro. Station 7:57 GMT ... 29Vi29
9 15 1911 Inferior Conj. 11:58 GMT ... 21Vi31
10 6 1911 Direct Station 20:26 GMT ... 13Vi23
11 26 1911 Max. Elong. W. 1:25 GMT ... 15Li57
7 6 1912 Superior Conj. 2:33 GMT ... 13Cn38
2 12 1913 Max. Elong. E. 6:01 GMT ... 9Ar39
4 3 1913 Retro. Station 19:48 GMT ... 12Ta30
4 25 1913 Inferior Conj. 1:50 GMT ... 4Ta15
5 16 1913 Direct Station 9:39 GMT ... 26Ar05
7 4 1913 Max. Elong. W. 4:38 GMT ... 25Ta57
2 11 1914 Superior Conj. 20:39 GMT ... 22Aq18
9 17 1914 Max. Elong. E. 18:01 GMT ... 10Sc21
11 7 1914 Retro. Station 3:13 GMT ... 12Sg17
11 27 1914 Inferior Conj. 17:37 GMT ... 4Sg39
12 18 1914 Direct Station 4:31 GMT ... 26Sc59
2 7 1915 Max. Elong. W. 6:38 GMT ... 0Cp37
9 12 1915 Superior Conj. 18:21 GMT ... 18Vi54
4 24 1916 Max. Elong. E. 3:53 GMT ... 19Ge11
6 12 1916 Retro. Station 7:50 GMT ... 19Cn44
7 3 1916 Inferior Conj. 19:59 GMT ... 11Cn30
7 25 1916 Direct Station 10:50 GMT ... 3Cn13
9 13 1916 Max. Elong. W. 3:16 GMT ... 4Le01
4 26 1917 Superior Conj. 9:30 GMT ... 5Ta34
11 30 1917 Max. Elong. E. 14:16 GMT ... 25Cp04
1 20 1918 Retro. Station 7:53 GMT ... 28Aq31
2 10 1918 Inferior Conj. 1:47 GMT ... 20Aq32
3 2 1918 Direct Station 15:27 GMT ... 12Aq44
4 21 1918 Max. Elong. W. 6:39 GMT ... 14Pi06
11 24 1918 Superior Conj. 1:07 GMT ... 0Sg57
7 5 1919 Max. Elong. E. 11:52 GMT ... 27Le51
8 22 1919 Retro. Station 21:54 GMT ... 27Vi14
9 13 1919 Inferior Conj. 2:52 GMT ... 19Vi16
10 4 1919 Direct Station 11:49 GMT ... 11Vi08
11 23 1919 Max. Elong. W. 15:18 GMT ... 13Li35
7 3 1920 Superior Conj. 20:54 GMT ... 11Cn34
2 9 1921 Max. Elong. E. 20:48 GMT ... 7Ar21
4 1 1921 Retro. Station 11:22 GMT ... 10Ta17
4 22 1921 Inferior Conj. 17:39 GMT ... 2Ta02
5 14 1921 Direct Station 0:30 GMT ... 23Ar52
7 1 1921 Max. Elong. W. 18:25 GMT ... 23Ta41
2 9 1922 Superior Conj. 7:19 GMT ... 19Aq47
9 15 1922 Max. Elong. E. 6:50 GMT ... 7Sc58
11 4 1922 Retro. Station 15:24 GMT ... 9Sg50
11 25 1922 Inferior Conj. 6:00 GMT ... 2Sg12
12 15 1922 Direct Station 17:11 GMT ... 24Sc30
2 4 1923 Max. Elong. W. 19:58 GMT ... 28Sg11
9 10 1923 Superior Conj. 11:04 GMT ... 16Vi42
4 21 1924 Max. Elong. E. 19:32 GMT ... 16Ge59
6 10 1924 Retro. Station 0:52 GMT ... 17Cn35
7 1 1924 Inferior Conj. 12:22 GMT ... 9Cn21
7 23 1924 Direct Station 3:36 GMT ... 1Cn04
9 10 1924 Max. Elong. W. 20:07 GMT ... 1Le52
4 24 1925 Superior Conj. 1:14 GMT ... 3Ta21
11 28 1925 Max. Elong. E. 5:05 GMT ... 22Cp41
1 17 1926 Retro. Station 22:13 GMT ... 26Aq05
2 7 1926 Inferior Conj. 15:11 GMT ... 18Aq06
2 28 1926 Direct Station 4:50 GMT ... 10Aq20
4 18 1926 Max. Elong. W. 21:21 GMT ... 11Pi49
11 21 1926 Superior Conj. 12:29 GMT ... 28Sc27
7 3 1927 Max. Elong. E. 2:50 GMT ... 25Le38
8 20 1927 Retro. Station 11:44 GMT ... 25Vi00
9 10 1927 Inferior Conj. 17:53 GMT ... 17Vi01
10 2 1927 Direct Station 2:52 GMT ... 8Vi51
11 21 1927 Max. Elong. W. 5:12 GMT ... 11Li12
7 1 1928 Superior Conj. 15:34 GMT ... 9Cn31
2 7 1929 Max. Elong. E. 11:35 GMT ... 5Ar01
3 30 1929 Retro. Station 3:05 GMT ... 8Ta03
4 20 1929 Inferior Conj. 9:28 GMT ... 29Ar48
5 11 1929 Direct Station 15:04 GMT ... 21Ar39
6 29 1929 Max. Elong. W. 9:00 GMT ... 21Ta27
2 6 1930 Superior Conj. 17:42 GMT ... 17Aq14
9 12 1930 Max. Elong. E. 20:29 GMT ... 5Sc38
11 2 1930 Retro. Station 3:52 GMT ... 7Sg23
11 22 1930 Inferior Conj. 18:18 GMT ... 29Sc44
12 13 1930 Direct Station 6:26 GMT ... 22Sc02
2 2 1931 Max. Elong. W. 9:47 GMT ... 25Sg47
9 8 1931 Superior Conj. 4:13 GMT ... 14Vi33
4 19 1932 Max. Elong. E. 11:26 GMT ... 14Ge47
6 7 1932 Retro. Station 17:37 GMT ... 15Cn26
6 29 1932 Inferior Conj. 4:41 GMT ... 7Cn12
7 20 1932 Direct Station 20:24 GMT ... 28Ge55
9 8 1932 Max. Elong. W. 12:27 GMT ... 29Cn42
4 21 1933 Superior Conj. 16:23 GMT ... 1Ta06
11 25 1933 Max. Elong. E. 19:13 GMT ... 20Cp18
1 15 1934 Retro. Station 11:47 GMT ... 23Aq39
2 5 1934 Inferior Conj. 4:26 GMT ... 15Aq41
2 25 1934 Direct Station 17:45 GMT ... 7Aq56
4 16 1934 Max. Elong. W. 11:15 GMT ... 9Pi29
11 19 1934 Superior Conj. 0:21 GMT ... 25Sc59
6 30 1935 Max. Elong. E. 17:00 GMT ... 23Le23
8 18 1935 Retro. Station 1:44 GMT ... 22Vi46
9 8 1935 Inferior Conj. 8:50 GMT ... 14Vi46
9 29 1935 Direct Station 17:48 GMT ... 6Vi36
11 18 1935 Max. Elong. W. 19:29 GMT ... 8Li52
6 29 1936 Superior Conj. 9:45 GMT ... 7Cn27
2 5 1937 Max. Elong. E. 2:36 GMT ... 2Ar43
3 27 1937 Retro. Station 19:08 GMT ... 5Ta50
4 18 1937 Inferior Conj. 1:15 GMT ... 27Ar36
5 9 1937 Direct Station 5:58 GMT ... 19Ar26
6 27 1937 Max. Elong. W. 0:21 GMT ... 19Ta16
2 4 1938 Superior Conj. 4:06 GMT ... 14Aq42
9 10 1938 Max. Elong. E. 10:43 GMT ... 3Sc19
10 30 1938 Retro. Station 16:24 GMT ... 4Sg56
11 20 1938 Inferior Conj. 6:32 GMT ... 27Sc17
12 10 1938 Direct Station 19:55 GMT ... 19Sc34
1 30 1939 Max. Elong. W. 23:38 GMT ... 23Sg23
9 5 1939 Superior Conj. 21:16 GMT ... 12Vi24
4 17 1940 Max. Elong. E. 3:15 GMT ... 12Ge36
6 5 1940 Retro. Station 10:07 GMT ... 13Cn18
6 26 1940 Inferior Conj. 21:15 GMT ... 5Cn04
7 18 1940 Direct Station 13:15 GMT ... 26Ge47
9 6 1940 Max. Elong. W. 4:18 GMT ... 27Cn31
4 19 1941 Superior Conj. 7:36 GMT ... 28Ar51
11 23 1941 Max. Elong. E. 8:31 GMT ... 17Cp51
1 13 1942 Retro. Station 0:44 GMT ... 21Aq11
2 2 1942 Inferior Conj. 17:34 GMT ... 13Aq15
2 23 1942 Direct Station 6:04 GMT ... 5Aq31
4 14 1942 Max. Elong. W. 0:42 GMT ... 7Pi08
11 16 1942 Superior Conj. 12:11 GMT ... 23Sc31
6 28 1943 Max. Elong. E. 7:21 GMT ... 21Le08
8 15 1943 Retro. Station 16:39 GMT ... 20Vi33
9 6 1943 Inferior Conj. 0:07 GMT ... 12Vi32
9 27 1943 Direct Station 9:17 GMT ... 4Vi21
11 16 1943 Max. Elong. W. 10:43 GMT ... 6Li33
6 27 1944 Superior Conj. 3:59 GMT ... 5Cn22
2 2 1945 Max. Elong. E. 18:22 GMT ... 0Ar26
3 25 1945 Retro. Station 11:26 GMT ... 3Ta35
4 15 1945 Inferior Conj. 16:46 GMT ... 25Ar21
5 6 1945 Direct Station 21:05 GMT ... 17Ar12
6 24 1945 Max. Elong. W. 16:00 GMT ... 17Ta04
2 1 1946 Superior Conj. 14:22 GMT ... 12Aq08
9 8 1946 Max. Elong. E. 1:38 GMT ... 1Sc02
10 28 1946 Retro. Station 4:54 GMT ... 2Sg30
11 17 1946 Inferior Conj. 19:04 GMT ... 24Sc50
12 8 1946 Direct Station 9:35 GMT ... 17Sc07
1 28 1947 Max. Elong. W. 12:44 GMT ... 20Sg56
9 3 1947 Superior Conj. 14:26 GMT ... 10Vi14
4 14 1948 Max. Elong. E. 18:14 GMT ... 10Ge22
6 3 1948 Retro. Station 2:03 GMT ... 11Cn09
6 24 1948 Inferior Conj. 13:39 GMT ... 2Cn55
7 16 1948 Direct Station 5:28 GMT ... 24Ge38
9 3 1948 Max. Elong. W. 18:54 GMT ... 25Cn17
4 16 1949 Superior Conj. 22:51 GMT ... 26Ar36
11 20 1949 Max. Elong. E. 20:39 GMT ... 15Cp22
1 10 1950 Retro. Station 13:38 GMT ... 18Aq45
1 31 1950 Inferior Conj. 6:43 GMT ... 10Aq50
2 20 1950 Direct Station 18:06 GMT ... 3Aq06
4 11 1950 Max. Elong. W. 14:06 GMT ... 4Pi46
11 14 1950 Superior Conj. 0:01 GMT ... 21Sc03
6 25 1951 Max. Elong. E. 22:12 GMT ... 18Le55
8 13 1951 Retro. Station 7:53 GMT ... 18Vi20
9 3 1951 Inferior Conj. 15:10 GMT ... 10Vi18
9 25 1951 Direct Station 1:01 GMT ... 2Vi06
11 14 1951 Max. Elong. W. 2:44 GMT ... 4Li17
6 24 1952 Superior Conj. 22:19 GMT ... 3Cn18
1 31 1953 Max. Elong. E. 10:59 GMT ... 28Pi12
3 23 1953 Retro. Station 3:54 GMT ... 1Ta21
4 13 1953 Inferior Conj. 8:17 GMT ... 23Ar06
5 4 1953 Direct Station 12:35 GMT ... 14Ar58
6 22 1953 Max. Elong. W. 7:48 GMT ... 14Ta54
1 30 1954 Superior Conj. 0:19 GMT ... 9Aq35
9 5 1954 Max. Elong. E. 15:43 GMT ... 28Li43
10 25 1954 Retro. Station 16:38 GMT ... 0Sg04
11 15 1954 Inferior Conj. 7:28 GMT ... 22Sc24
12 5 1954 Direct Station 22:40 GMT ... 14Sc40
1 26 1955 Max. Elong. W. 0:36 GMT ... 18Sg27
9 1 1955 Superior Conj. 7:59 GMT ... 8Vi07
4 12 1956 Max. Elong. E. 8:05 GMT ... 8Ge05
5 31 1956 Retro. Station 18:05 GMT ... 9Cn01
6 22 1956 Inferior Conj. 6:10 GMT ... 0Cn47
7 13 1956 Direct Station 21:22 GMT ... 22Ge30
9 1 1956 Max. Elong. W. 9:22 GMT ... 23Cn03
4 14 1957 Superior Conj. 13:41 GMT ... 24Ar20
11 18 1957 Max. Elong. E. 8:25 GMT ... 12Cp53
1 8 1958 Retro. Station 2:49 GMT ... 16Aq18
1 28 1958 Inferior Conj. 19:49 GMT ... 8Aq24
2 18 1958 Direct Station 6:19 GMT ... 0Aq41
4 9 1958 Max. Elong. W. 4:30 GMT ... 2Pi27
11 11 1958 Superior Conj. 12:22 GMT ... 18Sc37
6 23 1959 Max. Elong. E. 14:06 GMT ... 16Le45
8 10 1959 Retro. Station 23:17 GMT ... 16Vi07
9 1 1959 Inferior Conj. 6:24 GMT ... 8Vi05
9 22 1959 Direct Station 17:17 GMT ... 29Le52
11 11 1959 Max. Elong. W. 19:15 GMT ... 2Li02
6 22 1960 Superior Conj. 16:27 GMT ... 1Cn13
1 29 1961 Max. Elong. E. 3:54 GMT ... 25Pi58
3 20 1961 Retro. Station 20:14 GMT ... 29Ar06
4 10 1961 Inferior Conj. 23:52 GMT ... 20Ar52
5 2 1961 Direct Station 4:17 GMT ... 12Ar44
6 19 1961 Max. Elong. W. 23:01 GMT ... 12Ta41
1 27 1962 Superior Conj. 10:21 GMT ... 7Aq00
9 3 1962 Max. Elong. E. 4:57 GMT ... 26Li22
10 23 1962 Retro. Station 4:16 GMT ... 27Sc38
11 12 1962 Inferior Conj. 20:08 GMT ... 19Sc58
12 3 1962 Direct Station 11:28 GMT ... 12Sc13
1 23 1963 Max. Elong. W. 11:56 GMT ... 15Sg55
8 30 1963 Superior Conj. 1:32 GMT ... 5Vi59
4 9 1964 Max. Elong. E. 21:44 GMT ... 5Ge47
5 29 1964 Retro. Station 10:31 GMT ... 6Cn52
6 19 1964 Inferior Conj. 22:42 GMT ... 28Ge38
7 11 1964 Direct Station 13:02 GMT ... 20Ge21
8 30 1964 Max. Elong. W. 0:35 GMT ... 20Cn50
4 12 1965 Superior Conj. 4:23 GMT ... 22Ar03
11 15 1965 Max. Elong. E. 21:13 GMT ... 10Cp26
1 5 1966 Retro. Station 16:22 GMT ... 13Aq50
1 26 1966 Inferior Conj. 8:39 GMT ... 5Aq57
2 15 1966 Direct Station 18:43 GMT ... 28Cp14
4 6 1966 Max. Elong. W. 19:43 GMT ... 0Pi09
11 9 1966 Superior Conj. 0:41 GMT ... 16Sc10
6 21 1967 Max. Elong. E. 6:32 GMT ... 14Le35
8 8 1967 Retro. Station 14:31 GMT ... 13Vi54
8 29 1967 Inferior Conj. 21:42 GMT ... 5Vi51
9 20 1967 Direct Station 9:35 GMT ... 27Le38
11 9 1967 Max. Elong. W. 10:55 GMT ... 29Vi46
6 20 1968 Superior Conj. 10:24 GMT ... 29Ge08
1 26 1969 Max. Elong. E. 20:08 GMT ... 23Pi41
3 18 1969 Retro. Station 11:51 GMT ... 26Ar50
4 8 1969 Inferior Conj. 15:12 GMT ... 18Ar36
4 29 1969 Direct Station 19:21 GMT ... 10Ar30
6 17 1969 Max. Elong. W. 12:55 GMT ... 10Ta26
1 24 1970 Superior Conj. 20:28 GMT ... 4Aq27
8 31 1970 Max. Elong. E. 17:50 GMT ... 24Li01
10 20 1970 Retro. Station 15:58 GMT ... 25Sc13
11 10 1970 Inferior Conj. 8:50 GMT ... 17Sc33
12 1 1970 Direct Station 0:05 GMT ... 9Sc47
1 20 1971 Max. Elong. W. 23:44 GMT ... 13Sg26
8 27 1971 Superior Conj. 18:55 GMT ... 3Vi51
4 7 1972 Max. Elong. E. 12:17 GMT ... 3Ge33
5 27 1972 Retro. Station 3:16 GMT ... 4Cn45
6 17 1972 Inferior Conj. 15:10 GMT ... 26Ge30
7 9 1972 Direct Station 4:57 GMT ... 18Ge13
8 27 1972 Max. Elong. W. 16:43 GMT ... 18Cn41
4 9 1973 Superior Conj. 19:15 GMT ... 19Ar48
11 13 1973 Max. Elong. E. 10:54 GMT ... 8Cp02
1 3 1974 Retro. Station 6:08 GMT ... 11Aq22
1 23 1974 Inferior Conj. 21:21 GMT ... 3Aq30
2 13 1974 Direct Station 7:30 GMT ... 25Cp48
4 4 1974 Max. Elong. W. 11:09 GMT ... 27Aq53
11 6 1974 Superior Conj. 13:10 GMT ... 13Sc44
6 18 1975 Max. Elong. E. 22:29 GMT ... 12Le26
8 6 1975 Retro. Station 5:22 GMT ... 11Vi43
8 27 1975 Inferior Conj. 13:12 GMT ... 3Vi39
9 18 1975 Direct Station 1:47 GMT ... 25Le26
11 7 1975 Max. Elong. W. 1:57 GMT ... 27Vi28
6 18 1976 Superior Conj. 4:38 GMT ... 27Ge04
1 24 1977 Max. Elong. E. 11:20 GMT ... 21Pi23
3 16 1977 Retro. Station 3:02 GMT ... 24Ar33
4 6 1977 Inferior Conj. 6:31 GMT ... 16Ar21
4 27 1977 Direct Station 9:50 GMT ... 8Ar15
6 15 1977 Max. Elong. W. 2:41 GMT ... 8Ta09
1 22 1978 Superior Conj. 6:17 GMT ... 1Aq52
8 29 1978 Max. Elong. E. 6:53 GMT ... 21Li40
10 18 1978 Retro. Station 3:59 GMT ... 22Sc48
11 7 1978 Inferior Conj. 21:35 GMT ... 15Sc08
11 28 1978 Direct Station 13:11 GMT ... 7Sc20
1 18 1979 Max. Elong. W. 12:44 GMT ... 10Sg58
8 25 1979 Superior Conj. 12:40 GMT ... 1Vi43
4 5 1980 Max. Elong. E. 3:29 GMT ... 1Ge18
5 24 1980 Retro. Station 20:12 GMT ... 2Cn35
6 15 1980 Inferior Conj. 7:28 GMT ... 24Ge20
7 6 1980 Direct Station 21:17 GMT ... 16Ge03
8 25 1980 Max. Elong. W. 9:22 GMT ... 16Cn32
4 7 1981 Superior Conj. 9:24 GMT ... 17Ar28
11 11 1981 Max. Elong. E. 1:02 GMT ... 5Cp38
12 31 1981 Retro. Station 19:47 GMT ... 8Aq54
1 21 1982 Inferior Conj. 10:08 GMT ... 1Aq03
2 10 1982 Direct Station 20:39 GMT ... 23Cp22
4 2 1982 Max. Elong. W. 1:58 GMT ... 25Aq34
11 4 1982 Superior Conj. 2:03 GMT ... 11Sc19
6 16 1983 Max. Elong. E. 13:40 GMT ... 10Le12
8 3 1983 Retro. Station 19:45 GMT ... 9Vi30
8 25 1983 Inferior Conj. 4:36 GMT ... 1Vi25
9 15 1983 Direct Station 17:24 GMT ... 23Le12
11 4 1983 Max. Elong. W. 16:22 GMT ... 25Vi08
6 15 1984 Superior Conj. 22:34 GMT ... 24Ge58
1 22 1985 Max. Elong. E. 2:10 GMT ... 19Pi02
3 13 1985 Retro. Station 18:18 GMT ... 22Ar18
4 3 1985 Inferior Conj. 22:01 GMT ... 14Ar05
4 25 1985 Direct Station 0:10 GMT ... 6Ar00
6 12 1985 Max. Elong. W. 16:55 GMT ... 5Ta54
1 19 1986 Superior Conj. 16:06 GMT ... 29Cp18
8 26 1986 Max. Elong. E. 20:37 GMT ... 19Li21
10 15 1986 Retro. Station 16:34 GMT ... 20Sc24
11 5 1986 Inferior Conj. 10:18 GMT ... 12Sc42
11 26 1986 Direct Station 2:48 GMT ... 4Sc54
1 16 1987 Max. Elong. W. 2:15 GMT ... 8Sg33
8 23 1987 Superior Conj. 6:26 GMT ... 29Le37
4 2 1988 Max. Elong. E. 19:29 GMT ... 29Ta07
5 22 1988 Retro. Station 13:27 GMT ... 0Cn27
6 13 1988 Inferior Conj. 0:01 GMT ... 22Ge12
7 4 1988 Direct Station 14:10 GMT ... 13Ge56
8 23 1988 Max. Elong. W. 1:50 GMT ... 14Cn24
4 4 1989 Superior Conj. 23:31 GMT ... 15Ar10
11 8 1989 Max. Elong. E. 14:56 GMT ... 3Cp14
12 29 1989 Retro. Station 8:51 GMT ... 6Aq25
1 18 1990 Inferior Conj. 22:43 GMT ... 28Cp35
2 8 1990 Direct Station 9:18 GMT ... 20Cp55
3 30 1990 Max. Elong. W. 15:49 GMT ... 23Aq13
11 1 1990 Superior Conj. 15:16 GMT ... 8Sc56
6 14 1991 Max. Elong. E. 4:21 GMT ... 7Le59
8 1 1991 Retro. Station 10:36 GMT ... 7Vi19
8 22 1991 Inferior Conj. 20:21 GMT ... 29Le15
9 13 1991 Direct Station 8:57 GMT ... 21Le00
11 2 1991 Max. Elong. W. 6:54 GMT ... 22Vi50
6 13 1992 Superior Conj. 16:32 GMT ... 22Ge54
1 19 1993 Max. Elong. E. 16:42 GMT ... 16Pi42
3 11 1993 Retro. Station 9:29 GMT ... 20Ar01
4 1 1993 Inferior Conj. 13:12 GMT ... 11Ar49
4 22 1993 Direct Station 14:14 GMT ... 3Ar44
6 10 1993 Max. Elong. W. 7:28 GMT ... 3Ta40
1 17 1994 Superior Conj. 2:04 GMT ... 26Cp44
8 24 1994 Max. Elong. E. 11:16 GMT ... 17Li05
10 13 1994 Retro. Station 5:42 GMT ... 18Sc01
11 2 1994 Inferior Conj. 23:12 GMT ... 10Sc18
11 23 1994 Direct Station 16:58 GMT ... 2Sc29
1 13 1995 Max. Elong. W. 16:12 GMT ... 6Sg09
8 21 1995 Superior Conj. 0:05 GMT ... 27Le29
3 31 1996 Max. Elong. E. 11:28 GMT ... 26Ta55
5 20 1996 Retro. Station 6:09 GMT ... 28Ge18
6 10 1996 Inferior Conj. 16:19 GMT ... 20Ge03
7 2 1996 Direct Station 6:52 GMT ... 11Ge47
8 20 1996 Max. Elong. W. 17:35 GMT ... 12Cn13
4 2 1997 Superior Conj. 13:46 GMT ... 12Ar51
11 6 1997 Max. Elong. E. 3:49 GMT ... 0Cp48
12 26 1997 Retro. Station 21:21 GMT ... 3Aq56
1 16 1998 Inferior Conj. 11:19 GMT ... 26Cp07
2 5 1998 Direct Station 21:27 GMT ... 18Cp28
3 28 1998 Max. Elong. W. 4:55 GMT ... 20Aq50
10 30 1998 Superior Conj. 4:23 GMT ... 6Sc32
6 11 1999 Max. Elong. E. 18:10 GMT ... 5Le44
7 30 1999 Retro. Station 1:42 GMT ... 5Vi08
8 20 1999 Inferior Conj. 11:58 GMT ... 27Le02
9 11 1999 Direct Station 0:24 GMT ... 18Le47
10 30 1999 Max. Elong. W. 22:00 GMT ... 20Vi32
6 11 2000 Superior Conj. 10:32 GMT ... 20Ge48
1 17 2001 Max. Elong. E. 7:27 GMT ... 14Pi21
3 9 2001 Retro. Station 1:07 GMT ... 17Ar44
3 30 2001 Inferior Conj. 4:17 GMT ... 9Ar32
4 20 2001 Direct Station 4:35 GMT ... 1Ar27
6 7 2001 Max. Elong. W. 22:50 GMT ... 1Ta27
1 14 2002 Superior Conj. 11:32 GMT ... 24Cp07
8 22 2002 Max. Elong. E. 2:34 GMT ... 14Li49
10 10 2002 Retro. Station 18:35 GMT ... 15Sc37
10 31 2002 Inferior Conj. 12:06 GMT ... 7Sc53
11 21 2002 Direct Station 7:13 GMT ... 0Sc03
1 11 2003 Max. Elong. W. 5:51 GMT ... 3Sg43
8 18 2003 Superior Conj. 18:06 GMT ... 25Le23
3 29 2004 Max. Elong. E. 3:01 GMT ... 24Ta41
5 17 2004 Retro. Station 22:29 GMT ... 26Ge08
6 8 2004 Inferior Conj. 8:44 GMT ... 17Ge53
6 29 2004 Direct Station 23:16 GMT ... 9Ge38
8 18 2004 Max. Elong. W. 8:33 GMT ... 10Cn00
3 31 2005 Superior Conj. 3:31 GMT ... 10Ar31
11 3 2005 Max. Elong. E. 15:46 GMT ... 28Sg19
12 24 2005 Retro. Station 9:37 GMT ... 1Aq28
1 13 2006 Inferior Conj. 23:59 GMT ... 23Cp40
2 3 2006 Direct Station 9:19 GMT ... 16Cp01
3 25 2006 Max. Elong. W. 17:42 GMT ... 18Aq26
10 27 2006 Superior Conj. 17:50 GMT ... 4Sc10
6 9 2007 Max. Elong. E. 8:37 GMT ... 3Le30
7 27 2007 Retro. Station 17:28 GMT ... 2Vi57
8 18 2007 Inferior Conj. 3:41 GMT ... 24Le51
9 8 2007 Direct Station 16:14 GMT ... 16Le35
10 28 2007 Max. Elong. W. 14:18 GMT ... 18Vi19
6 9 2008 Superior Conj. 4:20 GMT ... 18Ge43
1 14 2009 Max. Elong. E. 23:27 GMT ... 12Pi04
3 6 2009 Retro. Station 17:17 GMT ... 15Ar27
3 27 2009 Inferior Conj. 19:24 GMT ... 7Ar15
4 17 2009 Direct Station 19:25 GMT ... 29Pi12
6 5 2009 Max. Elong. W. 14:46 GMT ... 29Ar16
1 11 2010 Superior Conj. 21:06 GMT ... 21Cp32
8 19 2010 Max. Elong. E. 17:51 GMT ... 12Li35
10 8 2010 Retro. Station 7:05 GMT ... 13Sc14
10 29 2010 Inferior Conj. 1:11 GMT ... 5Sc30
11 18 2010 Direct Station 21:18 GMT ... 27Li39
1 8 2011 Max. Elong. W. 18:28 GMT ... 1Sg16
8 16 2011 Superior Conj. 12:09 GMT ... 23Le18
3 26 2012 Max. Elong. E. 17:34 GMT ... 22Ta25
5 15 2012 Retro. Station 14:34 GMT ... 24Ge00
6 6 2012 Inferior Conj. 1:10 GMT ... 15Ge45
6 27 2012 Direct Station 15:07 GMT ... 7Ge29
8 15 2012 Max. Elong. W. 22:42 GMT ... 7Cn46
3 28 2013 Superior Conj. 17:06 GMT ... 8Ar11
11 1 2013 Max. Elong. E. 2:58 GMT ... 25Sg49
12 21 2013 Retro. Station 21:54 GMT ... 28Cp59
1 11 2014 Inferior Conj. 12:25 GMT ... 21Cp12
1 31 2014 Direct Station 20:49 GMT ... 13Cp33
3 23 2014 Max. Elong. W. 7:05 GMT ... 16Aq02
10 25 2014 Superior Conj. 7:31 GMT ... 1Sc48
6 7 2015 Max. Elong. E. 0:04 GMT ... 1Le18
7 25 2015 Retro. Station 9:30 GMT ... 0Vi46
8 15 2015 Inferior Conj. 19:22 GMT ... 22Le39
9 6 2015 Direct Station 8:30 GMT ... 14Le23
10 26 2015 Max. Elong. W. 7:20 GMT ... 16Vi07
6 6 2016 Superior Conj. 21:51 GMT ... 16Ge36
1 12 2017 Max. Elong. E. 16:12 GMT ... 9Pi48
3 4 2017 Retro. Station 9:09 GMT ... 13Ar09
3 25 2017 Inferior Conj. 10:17 GMT ... 4Ar57
4 15 2017 Direct Station 10:18 GMT ... 26Pi55
6 3 2017 Max. Elong. W. 6:16 GMT ... 27Ar03
1 9 2018 Superior Conj. 7:01 GMT ... 18Cp57
8 17 2018 Max. Elong. E. 8:09 GMT ... 10Li18
10 5 2018 Retro. Station 19:04 GMT ... 10Sc50
10 26 2018 Inferior Conj. 14:16 GMT ... 3Sc06
11 16 2018 Direct Station 10:51 GMT ... 25Li14
1 6 2019 Max. Elong. W. 6:10 GMT ... 28Sc45
8 14 2019 Superior Conj. 6:08 GMT ... 21Le11
3 24 2020 Max. Elong. E. 7:37 GMT ... 20Ta08
5 13 2020 Retro. Station 6:46 GMT ... 21Ge50
6 3 2020 Inferior Conj. 17:44 GMT ... 13Ge36
6 25 2020 Direct Station 6:49 GMT ... 5Ge20
8 13 2020 Max. Elong. W. 13:14 GMT ... 5Cn32
3 26 2021 Superior Conj. 6:58 GMT ... 5Ar50
10 29 2021 Max. Elong. E. 14:56 GMT ... 23Sg20
12 19 2021 Retro. Station 10:36 GMT ... 26Cp29
1 9 2022 Inferior Conj. 0:48 GMT ... 18Cp43
1 29 2022 Direct Station 8:47 GMT ... 11Cp05
3 20 2022 Max. Elong. W. 21:39 GMT ... 13Aq42
10 22 2022 Superior Conj. 21:17 GMT ... 29Li27
6 4 2023 Max. Elong. E. 16:20 GMT ... 29Cn09
7 23 2023 Retro. Station 1:32 GMT ... 28Le36
8 13 2023 Inferior Conj. 11:15 GMT ... 20Le28
9 4 2023 Direct Station 1:20 GMT ... 12Le12
10 24 2023 Max. Elong. W. 0:07 GMT ... 13Vi54
6 4 2024 Superior Conj. 15:34 GMT ... 14Ge30
1 10 2025 Max. Elong. E. 8:39 GMT ... 7Pi31
3 2 2025 Retro. Station 0:36 GMT ... 10Ar50
3 23 2025 Inferior Conj. 1:07 GMT ... 2Ar39
4 13 2025 Direct Station 1:02 GMT ... 24Pi37
5 31 2025 Max. Elong. W. 20:53 GMT ... 24Ar48
1 6 2026 Superior Conj. 16:35 GMT ... 16Cp22
8 14 2026 Max. Elong. E. 21:55 GMT ... 8Li00
10 3 2026 Retro. Station 7:16 GMT ... 8Sc29
10 24 2026 Inferior Conj. 3:44 GMT ... 0Sc45
11 14 2026 Direct Station 0:28 GMT ... 22Li52
1 3 2027 Max. Elong. W. 18:16 GMT ... 26Sc17
8 12 2027 Superior Conj. 0:21 GMT ... 19Le07
3 21 2028 Max. Elong. E. 21:48 GMT ... 17Ta51
5 10 2028 Retro. Station 23:03 GMT ... 19Ge41
6 1 2028 Inferior Conj. 10:00 GMT ... 11Ge26
6 22 2028 Direct Station 22:13 GMT ... 3Ge11
8 11 2028 Max. Elong. W. 4:36 GMT ... 3Cn21
3 23 2029 Superior Conj. 20:12 GMT ... 3Ar29
10 27 2029 Max. Elong. E. 4:06 GMT ... 20Sg56
12 16 2029 Retro. Station 23:48 GMT ... 24Cp02
1 6 2030 Inferior Conj. 13:18 GMT ... 16Cp16
1 26 2030 Direct Station 21:33 GMT ... 8Cp38
3 18 2030 Max. Elong. W. 12:50 GMT ... 11Aq24
10 20 2030 Superior Conj. 11:13 GMT ... 27Li06
6 2 2031 Max. Elong. E. 8:23 GMT ... 26Cn59
7 20 2031 Retro. Station 17:08 GMT ... 26Le26
8 11 2031 Inferior Conj. 3:01 GMT ... 18Le17
9 1 2031 Direct Station 17:57 GMT ... 10Le01
10 21 2031 Max. Elong. W. 15:52 GMT ... 11Vi40
6 2 2032 Superior Conj. 9:08 GMT ... 12Ge24
1 8 2033 Max. Elong. E. 0:16 GMT ... 5Pi12
2 27 2033 Retro. Station 15:41 GMT ... 8Ar32
3 20 2033 Inferior Conj. 16:05 GMT ... 0Ar22
4 10 2033 Direct Station 15:27 GMT ... 22Pi21
5 29 2033 Max. Elong. W. 10:48 GMT ... 22Ar32
1 4 2034 Superior Conj. 2:10 GMT ... 13Cp46
8 12 2034 Max. Elong. E. 11:25 GMT ... 5Li41
9 30 2034 Retro. Station 19:37 GMT ... 6Sc08
10 21 2034 Inferior Conj. 17:04 GMT ... 28Li22
11 11 2034 Direct Station 14:03 GMT ... 20Li28
1 1 2035 Max. Elong. W. 6:57 GMT ... 23Sc49
8 9 2035 Superior Conj. 18:41 GMT ... 17Le02
3 19 2036 Max. Elong. E. 12:50 GMT ... 15Ta35
5 8 2036 Retro. Station 15:59 GMT ... 17Ge32
5 30 2036 Inferior Conj. 2:25 GMT ... 9Ge17
6 20 2036 Direct Station 14:12 GMT ... 1Ge01
8 8 2036 Max. Elong. W. 20:37 GMT ... 1Cn11
3 21 2037 Superior Conj. 9:16 GMT ... 1Ar06
10 24 2037 Max. Elong. E. 17:36 GMT ... 18Sg31
12 14 2037 Retro. Station 12:47 GMT ... 21Cp31
1 4 2038 Inferior Conj. 1:28 GMT ... 13Cp46
1 24 2038 Direct Station 10:20 GMT ... 6Cp08
3 16 2038 Max. Elong. W. 3:19 GMT ... 9Aq03
10 18 2038 Superior Conj. 1:41 GMT ... 24Li47
5 30 2039 Max. Elong. E. 23:55 GMT ... 24Cn47
7 18 2039 Retro. Station 8:36 GMT ... 24Le15
8 8 2039 Inferior Conj. 19:02 GMT ... 16Le06
8 30 2039 Direct Station 10:14 GMT ... 7Le50
10 19 2039 Max. Elong. W. 7:01 GMT ... 9Vi24
5 31 2040 Superior Conj. 2:26 GMT ... 10Ge16
1 5 2041 Max. Elong. E. 14:54 GMT ... 2Pi50
2 25 2041 Retro. Station 6:07 GMT ... 6Ar12
3 18 2041 Inferior Conj. 6:47 GMT ... 28Pi02
4 8 2041 Direct Station 5:08 GMT ... 20Pi03
5 27 2041 Max. Elong. W. 0:26 GMT ... 20Ar14
1 1 2042 Superior Conj. 12:16 GMT ... 11Cp12
8 10 2042 Max. Elong. E. 1:16 GMT ... 3Li24
9 28 2042 Retro. Station 8:42 GMT ... 3Sc47
10 19 2042 Inferior Conj. 6:29 GMT ... 26Li00
11 9 2042 Direct Station 4:05 GMT ... 18Li05
12 29 2042 Max. Elong. W. 20:33 GMT ... 21Sc24
8 7 2043 Superior Conj. 12:41 GMT ... 14Le56
3 17 2044 Max. Elong. E. 4:31 GMT ... 13Ta22
5 6 2044 Retro. Station 9:02 GMT ... 15Ge22
5 27 2044 Inferior Conj. 18:43 GMT ... 7Ge07
6 18 2044 Direct Station 6:37 GMT ... 28Ta52
8 6 2044 Max. Elong. W. 12:44 GMT ... 29Ge02
3 18 2045 Superior Conj. 22:24 GMT ... 28Pi44
10 22 2045 Max. Elong. E. 7:08 GMT ... 16Sg08
12 12 2045 Retro. Station 1:29 GMT ... 19Cp02
1 1 2046 Inferior Conj. 13:36 GMT ... 11Cp17
1 21 2046 Direct Station 22:58 GMT ... 3Cp40
3 13 2046 Max. Elong. W. 17:02 GMT ... 6Aq40
10 15 2046 Superior Conj. 16:02 GMT ... 22Li28
5 28 2047 Max. Elong. E. 14:37 GMT ... 22Cn34
7 15 2047 Retro. Station 23:47 GMT ... 22Le06
8 6 2047 Inferior Conj. 11:05 GMT ... 13Le57
8 28 2047 Direct Station 2:08 GMT ... 5Le40
10 16 2047 Max. Elong. W. 21:48 GMT ... 7Vi08
5 28 2048 Superior Conj. 19:52 GMT ... 8Ge09
1 3 2049 Max. Elong. E. 4:46 GMT ... 0Pi27
2 22 2049 Retro. Station 20:43 GMT ... 3Ar53
3 15 2049 Inferior Conj. 21:30 GMT ... 25Pi44
4 5 2049 Direct Station 18:37 GMT ... 17Pi45
5 24 2049 Max. Elong. W. 14:41 GMT ... 17Ar58
12 29 2049 Superior Conj. 21:53 GMT ... 8Cp37
8 7 2050 Max. Elong. E. 15:56 GMT ... 1Li09
9 25 2050 Retro. Station 22:20 GMT ... 1Sc27
10 16 2050 Inferior Conj. 20:02 GMT ... 23Li39
12 27 2050 Max. Elong. W. 11:04 GMT ... 19Sc01
11 6 2050 Direct Station 18:45 GMT ... 15Li42
Anu300 viewsNibiru's ruler when the Anunnakies came to Earth; also the planet called Uranus.
*From the Lost Book of Enki, glossary 319; Z. Sitchin.
10/19/2003- Baghdad, Arizona300 views
Cigar, Mexico 1998300 views
Stealth B2 Bomber cloaked in an ionized ball of gas.300 viewswww.orbwar.com
Zecharia Sitchin, discoverer of the 10th planet; Nibiru300 views
F-117 Stealth-Fighter299 viewsChemtrails Baarn - the Netherlands, June 2nd, 2009: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5BQHe2ak4o

The International Space Station (ISS) March 17th, 2009 - Baarn, The Netherlands: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVC3ERtZxSk

F16299 viewsThere can't be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.

The security of Israel is a moral imperative for all free peoples.

You can't make war in the Middle East without Egypt and you can't make peace without Syria.
Henry A. Kissinger

Belgie Colonel Wilfried De Brouwer - 30 March 1990; Radar; 990 K=1830 km/u299 viewsTR-3B Astra, ...moving at speeds up above 1000 km/u, sometimes invisible. However, according Wilfried De Brouwer, Gen. Maj. former Adjunct chief on staff Belgium this case is an enigma which remains unsolved? but UfoQuest4Truth.com thinks that the facts and photo's in these albums might explain these phenomena..

Video Belgium UFO-flap 1989-1991
Haunebu - Vril299 views"Intelligent beings from other planets regularly visit our world in an effort to enter into contact with us. I have encountered various ships during my space voyages. NASA and the American Government know this and posses a great deal of evidence. Nevertheless, they remain silent in order to not alarm the people." Astronaut Gordon Cooper - Los Angelos Herald Examiner - Aug 15, 1976
F117299 views
F117299 views
UfodeWaarheid.com in Hagelstorm299 viewsOmstreeks 14.20u op 28 februari 2006 kwam UfodeWaarheid.com plotseling ineens toevallig zomaar in een Hagelstorm terecht...tussen Eemdijk en Bunschoten.
Geniet van de foto's!
Haunebu und die Vrils299 views
Chemtrails en Haarp of iets anders?- meerdere gaten ontstaan in het kunstmatig gefabriceerde wolkendek..eind juni 2007 Hilversum NH299 viewsnl.youtube.com/watch?v=VLkVKKW063s&NR=1 (6:14)
UFO , Las Vegas - 2004299 views
ufo moon july 1969.JPG
filmed by NASA299 viewsa luminious disc UFO Silver Orb on the surface of the Moon filmed by NASA-Gemini 4, on 19th of July 1969...
1697 AD, UFOs in Clouds, ronddraaiende Spookwielen in de lucht, Germany 299 views
Alien Roswell 1947298 viewsMarilyn Monroe UFO Conspiracy: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-U5-6bB-1s
Blue Angels298 views
Disc - Maart 1989 - Area 51 - Nevada, USA298 views
Hieroplanes found in Egypt south of Cairo some 3000 years old298 views
Rusland298 views
Below White Horse Milk Hill Stanton St Bernard297 viewslwww.cropcircleconnector.com/2008/080808/080808.html

Below White Horse Milk Hill Stanton St Bernard
Description: Figure of 8 formation and its big. It was cold, it was windy and wet but it was worth the wait. Didn't see the masters at work thou. Formation appears to be a figure of 8 with tear drops. To the best of my knowledge there was no one on Milk hill during the night watch. !!! Its interesting to see in the Cherhill formation the eights again. Eight swirls forward and eight swirls backwards. I am glad this date is coming to an end.
Discovery: 080808
Name: Andrew Pyrka
Status: Waiting for photographic Evidence
16 Januari 1958 - Trinidad, Brasil Navy297 viewsPilot of helicopters wished to stress fact that object was of a saucer like nature, was stationary at 2000 ft. And would be glad to be called upon to verify any statements and act as witness.
?Emergency Report from Maxwell Air Force Base on air space violation by UFO, 1954.

It was silvery in color, had a bun-shaped top, a flange like two saucers in the middle and a bun underneath, and could not have been far off because it overlapped my windscreen!
?RAF fighter pilot, 1954.

Maximum security exists concerning the subject of UFOs.
?CIA Director Allen Dulles, 1955.

I have discussed this matter with the affected agencies of the government, and they are of the opinion that it is not wise to publicize this matter at this time.
?Senator Richard Russell, head of Senate Armed Services Committee, regarding his sighting of a UFO during a 1955 trip to the Soviet Union.

What bothers me is what's happening to our aircraft.
?Anonymous Air Force officer, 1955.

Reliable reports indicate there are objects coming into our atmosphere at very high speeds and controlled by thinking intelligences.
?Navy Admiral Delmar Fahrney, public statement, 1957.

The Air Defense Command in Baton Rouge was on the phone, waiting for our report, when we landed there.
?Commercial pilot following a UFO sighting, 1957.

AX-17297 viewsSee: www.aemann.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/aircraft/black/black.html
Billy Meier - Swiss.jpg
Billy Meijer UFO - Swiss297 views
Chemtrails en Haarp of iets anders?- gaten ontstaan in het kunstmatig gefabriceerde wolkendek..eind juni 2007 Hilversum NH297 views
NASA TV297 views
Image: Triangle, and STAR WARS Project 2012297 viewsASTRA TR3B EN ANGLETERRE, Somerset 7/4/1998, analysed by LUCASFILM Ltd, San Rafael CA -USA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIOxV1jaikk
MATRIX296 viewswww.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_World_Order_(conspiracy_theory)

The modern use of the phrase "new world order," originated in the early 1900s with Cecil Rhodes, who advocated that the British Empire and the United States should jointly impose a Federal World Government (with English as the official language) to bring about lasting world "peace".[6] A sinister motive is seen in the fact that Rhodes founded the Rhodes Scholarship as a global brotherhood of future leaders. Lionel Curtis, who also believed in this idea, founded the Round Table movement in 1909, which led to the establishment of the British-based Royal Institute for International Affairs in 1919 and the U.S.-based Council on Foreign Relations in 1921.[7] The concept was further developed by Edward M. House, a close advisor to Woodrow Wilson during the negotiations to set up the League of Nations (it is unclear whether it was House or Wilson who invented the actual phrase). Another important influence was the author H.G. Wells, a vigorous advocate for world government.[8]

One official mention which has garnered attention was in Gerald Ford's "Declaration of Interdependence" on 24 October 1975; according to the ex-general counsel of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, Peter Beter, the Declaration of Interdependence states that:

"We must join with others to bring forth a new world order....Narrow notions of national sovereignty must not be permitted to curtail that obligation."[9]

Elements are present in the populism of the nineteenth century. In present form this can be traced to the collapse of the Soviet Union and President George H. W. Bush's new world order speech of 11 September 1990. In it he described the United States' objectives for post-cold-war cooperation with the former Soviet Union, using the phrase "new world order".[10]

Quetzalcoatl296 viewsCountdown to the Return
Star Trek Captain James T. Kirk: "Scotty, Beam Me Down"296 viewsWebsite of William Shatner: http://www.williamshatner.com/
Bull of Nimrod296 views "And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech. And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there. And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter. And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top *may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech. So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth."
Genesis 11: 1-9
byAnaLuisaCid.San Juan.july2005mexico.jpg
San Juan - Mexico, juli 2005296 views
lenticular cloud photographed in 1947 in Brazil.296 views
Gudea, Prince of Lagash - 2120 BC Girsu, now Iraq296 views
Spinning UFO, Las Vegas - 2004296 views
UFO, Mexico 1991, from Air296 views
Sicilie zomer 1954, United Press296 views
Triangles - F117 - A17296 views
Kustavi, Finland - 2004295 views
Captain James T. Kirk, from "the Star Trek Movies"295 viewshttp://www.williamshatner.com/
Lockheeds X-22A flying Discs..295 views
UFO, Mexico 1991, Carloz Diaz295 views
NASA UFO295 views
WO II - Neu Schwabenland Ufo - former Nazi Ufo basis.295 views
image; Russian Saucer295 views
HAARP High Freq Active Auroral Research Control Centre295 viewsVerichip, HAARP and Chemtrails and the New World Order,
See: www.video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6563630790789702173 (1hr39sec)

Deze chip is een onderhuids identificatiebewijs, en wij kunnen niet kopen of verkopen zonder deze chip. Er heeft zich een wereldelite gevormd die zichzelf ver verheven voelt boven de gewone mensen, die zichzelf als goddelijk ziet en daarom meent het recht te hebben de hele wereld te overheersen en de vrijheid van mensen volledig aan banden te leggen. Een belangrijke stap is de wereldwijde invoering van de ?Universal Biometrics Card?.
UFO Remote Control295 views
294 viewswww.tesla-museum.org

Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more.
Nikola Tesla
Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.
Nikola Tesla, Modern Mechanics and Inventions, July, 1934
The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.
Nikola Tesla, Modern Mechanics and Inventions. July, 1934
If Edison had a needle to find in a haystack, he would proceed at once with the diligence of the bee to examine straw after straw until he found the object of his search... I was a sorry witness of such doings, knowing that a little theory and calculation would have saved him ninety per cent of his labor.
Nikola Tesla, New York Times, October 19, 1931
Gilgamesh, en zie 'de 12e Planeet' by Z. Sitchin294 views
Cape Meares, Oregon - 2002294 views
Roswell 1947 Daily Record294 views
Pyramid Capstone UFO, November 2006294 views
293 viewsOur scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.
Martin Luther King Jr., Strength to Love, 1963
12 dec. 1974 Hokkaido - Japan293 views
445.000 years ago Cydonia Area; Mars pyramides and the Face of Mars293 views*both were built 450.000 years ago by the Anunnakies [Igigi later] (on Mars, according Z. Sitchin.
Photo: water on Mars293 views
09-11-2003, Mt. Popocatepetl, Mexico293 views
Viktor Schauberger - Living Water, the Blood of Mother Earth293 viewsRead more on: www.frank.germano.com/viktorschauberger.htm

Viktor Schauberger's theories afford new insights into the naturally correct or naturalesque management of water. This encompasses its proper handling, storage, and conduction by means that promote its self-purification, the retention and enhancement of its natural energies and health. In this book, the close interrelationship between water and the forest (as a water-producer - not a water consumer) is examined. Also addressed is the problem of soil salinity and how this comes about through over-exposure of the soil to the radiance of the sun through deforestation and faulty agricultural practices, are also addressed. Indications are given as to how these may be avoided and overcome, due to Viktor Schauberger's radical and fundamentally new understanding of the coming into being and functioning of the groundwater table in relation to soil temperature.

As a natural organism, water is formed and functions according to Nature's laws and geometry, the latter exhibiting none of the elements of the straight line, circle and point, the basis of modern mechanical and technological artifacts. Reflecting Nature's principal constant, namely that of continuous change and transformation, the vortex epitomizes this form of open, fluid and flexible motion. Through his study of the vortices occurring naturally in flowing water and in the air in the form of cyclones and tornadoes, Viktor Schauberger developed his theories of implosion. It was through the research and development of these theories that he was able to produce spring-quality water and generate considerable energies in and with water and air.

In listing some of his accomplishments one could not do better than to quote from his book, "Our Senseless Toil", written in 1933:

"It is possible to regulate watercourses over any given distance without embankment works; to transport timber and other materials, even when heavier than water, for example ore, stones, etc., down the centre of such water-courses; to raise the height of the water table in the surrounding countryside and to endow the water with all those elements necessary for the prevailing vegetation. Furthermore it is possible in this way to render timber and other such materials non-inflammable and rot resistant; to produce drinking and spa-water for man, beast and soil of any desired composition and performance artificially, but in the way that it occurs in Nature; to raise water in a vertical pipe without pumping devices; to produce any amount of electricity and radiant energy almost without cost; to raise soil quality and to heal cancer, tuberculosis and a variety of nervous disorders... the practical implementation of this ... would without doubt signify a complete reorientation in all areas of science and technology. By application of these new found laws, I have already constructed fairly large installations in the spheres of log-rafting and river regulation, which as is known, have functioned faultlessly for a decade, and which today still present insoluble enigmas to the various scientific disciplines concerned."

Water and its vital interaction with the forest was Viktor's principal preoccupation. He viewed water as a living entity, the 'Blood of Mother-Earth', which is born in the womb of the forest. Our mechanistic, materialistic and extremely superficial way of looking at things, however, prevents us from considering water to be anything other than inorganic, i.e. supposedly without life but, while apparently having no life itself, can nevertheless miraculously create life in all its forms. Life is movement and is epitomized by water, which is in a constant state of motion and transformation, both externally and internally. In confirmation of this fact, water is able to combine with more substances than any other molecule and, flowing as water, sap and blood, is the creator of the myriad life-forms on this planet. How then could it ever be construed as life-less in accordance with the chemist's clinical view of water, defined as the inorganic substance H2O ? This short description is a gross misrepresentation. As the fundamental basis of all life, water is itself a living entity and should be treated as such. Failure to do so quickly transforms it into an enemy, rather than the nurturer and furtherer of all life that it should be.

"This civilization is the work of man, who high-handedly and ignorant of the true workings of Nature, has created a world without meaning or foundation, which now threatens to destroy him, for through his behavior and his activities, he, who should be her master, has disturbed Nature's inherent unity."

Ufo on Mars , Phobos II - 1989293 views
2012, The Long Count - Return of Kukulkan, Quetzacoatl?292 viewsJaime Maussan - Cropcircle date May 20, 2012 Worldwide Solar Eclips - 16th UFO Congress: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEMnuXqfGYc&feature=related
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