TR-3B "Astra" or Triangle (Driehoek) Prototype
Alien Rapture, the Chosen by Edgar Rothschild Fouche and Brad Steiger: www.ufoinfo.com/ufobooks/alienrapture.shtml

Alien Rapture is not just another novel about little green men and bug-eyed monsters. It is written in the style of Michael Crichton's The Sphere, Sidney Sheldon's The Doomsday Conspiracy and the smash hit "Independence Day." The amazing difference is that Alien Rapture - The Chosen is filled with incredible facts, inside information and plausible details of who controls the UFO conspiracy. Alien Rapture explains how the government conspiracy is accomplished, why it exists, and what the MJ-12 committee's plans for our future are.

Not since Orson Welles stirred the imagination and fears of the American public with his Martian invasion broadcast has the subject of Aliens, government conspiracies and UFOs been hotter. Now, Edgar Rothschild Fouch?, a brilliant new writer and ex-Department of Defense insider, and Brad Steiger, a recognized UFO expert and author of the best selling Project Blue Book, have teamed up to produce the most exciting and comprehensive novel yet on the official cover-up of classified "Black Programs" and the astounding new engineering marvels being developed via the exploitation of alien technologies through reverse engineering.

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