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"recent" collision near Wega...
Did a PlanetX or a Nibiru-like planet pass there also "recently"?
Vega, next to Draco, also known as Alpha Lyrae is 3 times the mass of our Sun, rises 56 min after sunset, 40 degrees North Lattitude in the constellation Lyra at only 25,3 light years away and [also] 500 million to 1 billion years young! IRAS 1983
Vega: "Phoenix", "the Falling Eagle", the Harp Star, in Akkadian: Tir-Anna, "Life of Heaven", Babylonian: Dilgan, "the Messenger of Light", in Sanskrit: Abhijit, "Victorious", in Assyrian Dayan, "Judge of Heaven" as having the highest seat therein, Lyre or Harp, in Arabic Vega is known as "Stone Eagle", in Chinese "She-niu", the Weaver. Christians saw Lyra as King Davids harp. In Holland's translation of Pliny it is the Harp star.
So already in Sumerian and Babylonian times Vega was well known!
In about 14.000 AD Vega will become Earth's North Star owing to the precession of the equinoxes.
Polaris is now our Pole Star, "the still point in the turning world".
The dust disk [asteroidbelt-about 3 times further away than our belt, for its Sun has also 3 times the mass of our Sun] at 60 to 90 AU recently detected and created by a large and relatively "recent" collision that have involved objects [at least] as big as the planet Pluto:
"Sattelites or moons of a larger planetX?"

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