Photo: the Wright Brothers
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onderwerp Wanted to share my account of a Christmas Eve sighting
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Hello, My name is Jim M. I live in Cincinnati Ohio. I am a Air Force Vet and back in 1997 or 1998 on Christmas Eve I cant remember if it was 98 or 97!, My ex wife (wife then) and I were driving over to her families to drop gifts off. we turned down Montgomery road heading North. it was very dark out, but looking in the sky we saw three lights in a triangle form on something that was moving slow in the night sky. (I wish i had a flashlight or the moon was full and visible). anyway we pulled over and got out to look in the sky.. this dark triangle object you could not hear any noise and it was like floating maybe 800 feet in the sky and you could see lights on each triangle edge, and no heat exhaust.. We looked North and another one was following it maybe 1 mile or so behind. all of a sudden the craft stops in mid air above us!!! no noise just floating.. I had left my car lights on and all of a sudden it started moving again South and i looked and saw the 2nd craft, thinking it spotted us and let the craft above us know. I knowing where Wright Patterson AFB was located, to me these craft were coming from there.. just a gut feeling on a Christmas Eve night!! I wanted to share this as i didn't get to hear you on coast to coast am, but thought I would share this information. I took a quick glance at the pictures on your site.. maybe whet we saw was one of those craft secretly made to fly to space.. Do any of the craft pictures you have not make any noise in flight? I was just curious if that explains anything we saw that night..

God Bless and keep up the pressure till the Govt. secrets are found out..
Jim M. in Cincinnati
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