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Nimrod Tower of Babylon
This stone carving (above) was found in Iraq near the ancient city of Babylon (Bagdad). Historians falsely interpret this illustration so I invite you to look at it carefully. There are clearly two suns in the sky and everyone is looking up at them. The tallest figure (wearing the horns of the bull... Nimrod's old crown) appears to be a giant. Giants in the Bible were roughly 18 feet tall. The dome-shaped object is too perfect to be a mountain peak. Instead, imagine that it's the "top" of the Tower of Babel.
IF that indeed were a rocket with a hydrogen bomb in the top, then this picture shows the defiance of Nimrod and his followers who still remembered the huge meteorite that pierced the water canopy and caused the global flood. This Tower was to prevent that from ever happening again as God's access through the Gateway (what Babylon translates into... Gateway City) would forever be destroyed. Fallen angels would understand how to separate the isotopes of hydrogen because hydrogen fusion is the framework of stars and angels. All ancient ziggurats used water for some unknown reason. You separate the isotopes of hydrogen from ordinary water. Hydrogen bomb-making was within the reach of Nimrod. Why else would God have to scatter mankind by confusing his tongue?
Historical note: In 1250 BC, the Historian Sanchuniation had this to say about a snake: "The snake has a speed that nothing can exceed because of its breath. Its energy is exceptional. It has illuminated everything with its gleam." Does that fit the description of any snakes you've seen lately? Or... how about a rocket?
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