Nicola Tesla Tower 1900
Original photo of Telsa's 10 million horse power line free electrical transmission tower. He proposed free power to the world, and Edison after he stole Nikola's idea for the light bulb decided to get greedy and make a power line transmission system from the nuclear plant he stole from Tesla's notes to be able to meter the power and charge money!!

Here is a list of Tesla inventions

The loudspeaker, The polyphase induction motor, The hydroelectric generator, Radio, X-Rays, Vacuum tubes, Flourescent lights, Microwaves, Radar, AC power (both 2-phase and 3-phase, Broadcast power, The rotary engine, Oh, yeah - and The Tesla Coil. :o) And here's a short list of some more of the other stuff he fooled around with: Radio wave propagation, Missile science, Robots, Remote control, Satellites (where Art Clarke "borrowed" the communications satillite idea), Beam weapons, Nuclear fusion, Laser, Masor, and then, of course, there's that mysterious electron bomb the Russians tested on June 30th 1908 in Tunguska Siberia. There was reports of the sky brilliantly glowing for more than a week! No comet/meteor would have affected the ionosphere like that! The E-Bomb was just a 15k ton device! The damage was so wide spead it was equal to the Hiroshima/Nagisaki H bombs! Info. in this site was taken from the book "The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla" by Nikola Tesla.

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